iYellow Wine Club: Spring Sippers

Wine. Can’t say I love it or really understand it but that doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued. Whenever I’m around people who know their wine, I soak up whatever information and tips they have to say. Thanks to them, I’ve come to acquire a better appreciation for wine! So when I started seeing a bunch of tweets and photos of tastings all at the same place I was eager to get more information. What’s this iYellow Wine Club (@iyellowwineclub)?


The Stop Night Market

Talk about one for the books! Last week's The Stop’s Night Market (@TheStopCFC) food fundraiser event in Honest Ed’s Alley has been running for 3 years now and is without a doubt one of the more popular, better run and highly anticipated ones out there. We’re talking so many people trying to get onto the universe ticket page that it crashed and tickets being sold out for the two-day event in less than TWO hours! The old dinky computer at the school where I was working didn’t stand a chance.


Pistachio and Blackberry Macarons

It’s been a long while since I’ve made macarons. To be perfectly honest, they sort of lost their appeal to me. It wasn’t until Macaron Day a couple of months ago that got my wheels turning again. Everyone was posting about their macaron haul and because I couldn’t make it downtown, I decided to make my own! Being so out of practice already, I figured why not make it more complicated by trying the recipe in the Bouchon Bakery cookbook? Because that sounds like a good idea.


Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Gluttony to the max. That’s what happened at Martin Picard’s (@CabanePDC) sugar shack a couple of months ago and I’m still dreaming and drooling whenever I think about that meal. A few of my friends are gonna be eating there this evening! I hope they're mentally prepared for the feast....they won't be eating breakfast tomorrow. I think you’ll see from the photos in this post that a meal here needs to be on your bucket list.


NYC! Battersby


I’m back in New York! Kidding, I wish. This is one the last dinner we had in New York, well Brooklyn really, before we flew back to Toronto the following afternoon. I wanted to explore a lot more of the “outer boroughs” of NYC this time around but this and Smorgasburg were the extent of that adventure. This day was supposed to be “Brooklyn/Carroll Gardens/Williamsburg” day but the timing didn’t work and the weather wasn’t cooperating either. Still, the day turned out to be a fun one and this meal turned out to be one of the highlights of the entire trip!


Canoe: Taste Québec

Canoe’s tastings are notoriously good and this one was no exception. Right now is a special time of the year in Québec, maple syrup season! The sap is “harvested” from maple trees that have been taped, then boiled to evaporate most of the water, leaving you with this beautiful amber syrup. Canada is known for its maple syrup, but we all know that the source of our pride comes from one province, Québec. Not only do they produce almost three quarters of the maple syrup wordwide, but that’s where the tradition of making it is best preserved. Sugar shacks / sugarbushes are used not only as the site of maple syrup production, but as a gathering place for family and friends to eat and enjoy the outdoors!


NYC! La Churreria

I have a few more NYC food adventures from December left to post—this one’s gonna be very very short. I hadn’t planned on taking my DSLR camera out at all this day for several reasons: a) it was the most food adventure-jammed day, meaning many quick stops for specific items, b) it was raining and I wanted to keep the camera out of the humidity, c) we were making some return trips to places I’d posted about in the past.