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What? globe bistro for dinner
Where? 124 Danforth ave (right outside Broadview station)
Price? $40-$60 (3 course)
The skinny: I went to their “sister” restaurant globe earth a few months ago for brunch with a few friends and really enjoyed my meal. So when I read reviews about globe bistro and that they serve elk, I was definitely intrigued. I decided to go with a fellow foodie, Don but it turned into an awesome dinner for four (Don, Phoenix, Mike and I).

Amuse Bouche. Smoked Sablefish.
The dim lighting was a nightmare when it came time for snapping photos. It was frustrating to the point that it was funny since my friends were helping me deflect the candle’s light onto the food. I only got a handful or two of clear photos.

Amuse bouche. Smoked sablefish on crispy fried yellow beet. Don’t remember what the yellow cream was but the one bite beauties were a delicious way to start our meal.

Appetizer. Smoked Pork Belly

Appetizer. Norfolk Count Smoked Pork Belly
Autumn spice rub, pear whiskey purée, Burkhart’s maple reduction, walnut crumb

I’m deathly allergic to walnuts so we did without the crumb. Thanks for the accomodation! Pork belly = fatty = so good. The smokey flavour became more pronounced with the maple reduction. The pear purée was meh.

Main #1. Elk.
#1. Second Wind Farms Elk
Seared loin, braised leg, acorn squash, pearl barley, shitakes mushroom, lovage jus

The main reason for our expedition here, ELK. Don ordered it rare. We expected at least some gamey flavour but it was a really clean tasting meat. Didn’t announce itself like beef would....surprisingly subtle, but now we can say we tried elk!

Main #2. Sablefish.
#2. West Coast Sablefish
House chorizo, Cookstown dinosaur kale, organic navy beans, local saffron “mojo” sauce

Before this meal I haven’t had sablefish before and now I’ve tried it two ways! Smoked and broiled? The sauce was amazing with the fish.

Main #3. Sweetbreads & Scallops.
#3. Sweetbreads & Scallops
Crème fraiche potato puree, crispy capers, Brussel sprouts, pancetta jus

YES. Really enjoyed this dish! The pancetta jus went really well with the sweetbreads but overpowered the scallops that were sitting atop it. The potato purée complemented the scallops, which were super fresh. All in all, good flavours present.

Main #3. Close-up one of the three scallops.
What are "sweetbreads" you ask? I was wondering the same thing. Literally, it sounds like some sort of bread that's got a high sugar content. After searching it up and finally tasting it, I can tell you that you would not eat sweetbreads with jam and butter. It's really the thymus gland and/or pancreas of, most commonly, lamb or the calf. Don't worry, it's considered a delicacy. And it tasted great!

There was a fourth main (Cumbrae’s Petite Porchetta) but I couldn't get a good photo of it. Mike said it was heavenly. You can't go wrong with porchetta so I'd recommend this dish. 

Dessert #1. Squash Pot de Crème.

Dessert time!! 
#1. Spiced Ontario Squash Pot de Crème
Spruce tip sponge cake, cinnamon candy

Meh. It was an interesting showcase of in-season Ontario produce. But that’s about all I can say about it.

Dessert #2. Butter Tart.

#2. Walnut Bacon Butter Tart
Cumbrae’s smoked bacon, Wiser’s ice cream, cranberry jelly

Couldn't try the actual tart (Mike said he'd eat it everyday, so I take it from him that it was pretty darn good). I did try the whiskey ice cream though and YES, I want more.

Dessert #3. Espresso Cake.

#3. Thompson’s Maple Espresso Cake
Sea buckthorn berry soda, shaved butter truffle

Creamy, chocolatey, espresso-y goodness. Enjoyed how the berry soda cut (in the background of the photo) through the richness of the chocolate. Not sure if I’d pay $9 for this dessert though.

# 4. Chocolate Brioche Beignet
Smoked cocoa nibs, orange mousse, New Brunswick sea salt caramel
Dessert #4. Chocolate Brioche Beignets
Really enjoyed this one!! The smoked cocoa nibs were nice but hard to find with all the chocolate oozing out of the beignets and the caramel that they were sitting in.

Verdict: We had a great meal, and enjoyed eating “local”. It’s nice to try new places just for the hell of it and to do so with good friends tops it all. However, I think I may have enjoyed the company more than the food...But all in all, it was really nice to experience the variety of dishes that we had. 

Check 'em out!  http://www.globebistro.com/

3 out of 5 NOMs

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