Mickey's Pizza


Hickory Barbecue Oven - Enables even heat distribution, aka amazing pizza!
What? Mickey’s Pizza for dinner
Where? 1900 Lakeshore Blvd West (Mississauga)
Price? $10-$15 per person (we were a party of 3)
The skinny: Essentially, the story behind this neighbourhood gem is a dough recipe that has taken 20 years to perfect. The menu is quite vast and the every single ingredient has been carefully picked to complement the sauce (their barbecue sauce is smokey goodness) as well as the dough. 

Steak & Cheese Pizza - Check out the gooey,
oozing cheese and the steam coming off it!

The stuffed steak & cheese pizza! They put the steak and cheese in, pinch the sides, then pull the dough corners inwards before flipping it over to add the toppings. It tasted fantastic! The cheese inside was melted and the flavour of that and the steak had seeped through into the dough/crust. 

Steak & Cheese Pizza - Note how deep the dish is!

Chicago Style Pizza

We also ordered a large Chicago style (deep dish) pizza. We topped it with chicken, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and meatballs. I think there were one or two more toppings but I don’t recall. Regardless, the pizza dough was definitely out of this world good! The toppings accompanied it rather than it serving as a container for them.

Finally, because our order had exceeded $30, we were given two complimentary pizzas. Cannot turn down free, high-quality food! The two personal pizzas had cheese, meatballs and chipotle barbecue sauce as toppings. They were baked on the large rotating heated stone that makes Mickey’s Pizza’s pizzas unique. Perfect.

Personal Pizzas - Chipotle Barbecue

Although we had pizza for dinner, after having just worked out for 2 hours, no one complained. In our defense, these pizzas are on the healthier side. The owners were very welcoming and chatted with us.

Verdict: Will return and become a regular in a heartbeat were it not for the distance. Mickey’s Pizza is located in Mississauga whereas I reside in the east side of Toronto, in Scarborough. 

Check 'em out!  feedyourdragon

4.5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. I'm soooo glad you went to Mickey's Pizza even though you live in Scarborough :) Their stuffed pizzas are my favorite. I drove through a snowstorm just to get it once LOL. I've also converted some of my uptown friends into Mickey's Pizza lovers ^_^

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