Apple Strudel Muffins


Apple Strudel Muffin

This is kinda sad. My parents brought home a muffin for my brother. I didn’t get one…neglect?! Not exactly since my brother’s got a lot of allergies. Instead of being bitter, I made my own muffins! Muahahahaha It saves money and I get 24 instead of 1!


I’ve been meaning to make apple cinnamon pancakes for about a week now but never found the time in the morning. My apples were still sitting in the fridge so I looked up recipes for some sort of apple muffin and I found one on allrecipes. The reviews looked promising so I gave it a try. 
All the ingredients required. Think standard muffin batter with shredded apple and a crumb-like topping.

1/4 cup of margarine

From previous experiences, using butter in muffins didn’t work out well for me so I use a ½ margarine, ½ oil mix. 

Creamed margarine with sugar and oil (on the left). Whisk in the eggs and vanilla (on the right).

(clockwise from top left). Blending in the dry ingredients. Mufifn batter coming together, adding in the shredded apple.

I have standard muffin trays but I cut my muffin cups so the muffins come out smaller. Smaller portions means you have room to eat a variety of things! :D Awesome logic OUI! 

They turned out pretty darn good.

Comparison between pre- and post-oven. You can see how it's risen as well as nice and golden brown. MMM...

I didn't like using muffin cups since the muffin usually sticks to it be recently, my muffins have been obedient. :D

Almost forgot the recipe! Here it is: (I added 1/4 cup oatmeal to the batter)

5 out of 5 NOMs