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Entrance. Inviting façade I must say.
What? Biff’s Bistro for Winterlicious lunch
Where? 4 Front St E (5 min walk from King Station)
Price? $20 (normally $20-$40 for lunch)
The skinny: Having already been to Jump, Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview, and Auberge du Pommier, I had high expectations for Biff’s Bistro, and it did not disappoint. The reservations were for 1:45pm so it’s no surprise that the service was great and the wait for food was short.

Cute winterlicious menu.

The décor is really charming, too bad I can’t show you! I tried taking photos but was asked to delete them. Guess you’ll just have to see it for yourself when you go.

Nice soft buns with butter. A welcomed start to almost any meal.

My mom started with the “Cured salmon with crème fraîche & endive”. She was raving about the salmon. It tasted so fresh and the salad was seasoned perfectly. The creamy texture of the salmon was complemented really well with the crunchy endive and watermelon radish slices. 

App #1: Cured Salmon with crème fraîche & endive

My mom gave me a little bit of everything to try. LOVED the salmon!!

Just taking a closer look at the slice of watermelon beet (in season) topped with chopped chives.

I had the “Celeriac purée with duck confit”. It was a little chilly outside so I welcomed the heat and the deep flavours that the duck gave to the puree. However, being Chinese, I’m accustomed to eating duck and was hoping to find more of it in my soup.

App #2: Celeriac purée with duck confit. It was hot (in the best way) and creamy.

Onto mains. I ordered the “Beef bourguignon with semoule and Gruyère”. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Savoury, sweet, a little salty; good balance. Unfortunately, about three-quarters of the way into it, I got a little bored of it. The flavours were great, but it got to the point where I just had an overload, as odd as that sounds. Some of the beef was also on the dry side.

Main #1: Beef bourguignon with semoule and Gruyère. Good complexity of flavours.

“Gateau de poisson with remoulade & sauce gribiche”. I was surprised by the generous serving of two large gateaux de poisson—fish cakes. The batter was light and not greasy at all! “Remoulade” is sort of the French version of the English tartar sauce. “Sauce gribiche” is another French sauce, made primarily of hard-boiled eggs and mustard emulsified with oil (ie grapeseed, canola). My mom enjoyed it enough without knowing what it was so BE adventurous

Main #2: Gateau de poisson with remoulade & sauce gribiche. Light as fish should be with complementing remoulade.

Dessert #1.

Dessert time! My mom got the “Almond cake with mulled pears & Poire William crème anglaise”. A little on the sweet side but that’s what dessert’s all about, indulging! Considering the ingredients, it wasn't a heavy cake at all. Instead, it was airy and the almond was very pronounced.

Dessert #2.

I had to try the “Medjool date cake with toffee sauce & lemon Chantilly”. The cake was thick and rich. The sauce was just the right amount of sweet to cut through the richness of the cake. I can’t not enjoy Chantilly, but I was left wondering about the “lemon” part.

Verdict? This is my first prix fixe experience that I enjoyed every course so I’ll be returning for dinner sometime…gotta get some of those $1 oysters (daily after 5pm)!

5 out of 5 NOMs

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