Brown Butter Sponge Cake Custard Pie


One of the food blogs I'm following momofukufor2 is so inspiring; the lady who writes this blog is amazing! The food she cooks, bakes, prepares are photographed so well that you can SEE how good it tastes. A particular recipe caught my eye so I had to try it. That’s how this stress-relieving session came about.

Various stages of the cinnamon toast crust.
The cinnamon toast. I realized I didn’t have white bread so I used twelve grain bread. Unfortunately, my springform pan is way too big for what the recipe calls for (think 4.5 inch versus 12 inch). This means more crumbs for the crust and for some reason I decided to toss in some frosted mini-wheats in there as well. 

Folding in egg whites into the egg yolks.
Realized the pie would be super thin so I decided to give it some volume by making an extra layer of sponge cake. 

Finished sponge cake (it's sitting on top of the crust).

Note: When do you know a sponge cake's ready? The top should spring back when lightly touched. 

Here’s the result! The crust refused to come out with the rest of the slice but it was smooth sailing after the first slice had been lifted. 

Finished cake. The custard layer is way too thin. Originally it was supposed to be the filling, so now you can see how my pan's exponentially bigger than it's supposed to be.
Light, fluffy sponge cake. Cinnamony, creamy custard. Crunchy, crumbly, buttery crust. What’s not to like? Except the fact that this cake/pie took me about 3 hours plus chill time to make, but the result was yummy!

As you can see, clearly the crust is not "attached". The crust sort of turned into a brittle

The crust was not cooperating because I "double-baked" it. First I baked the bread cubes to form the toast, then again for about 40 mins for the sponge cake layer before finally chilling it in the fridge overnight. That's a whole lot of hardening. Oops.

Cake slice with the broken up crust used as a garnish and sprinkled along the side.
Final Shot. Here you can see the cinnamon in the custard and (hopefully) the fluffiness of the sponge cake.

 The cake turned out alright but I can definitely improve on it for next time. I did like the additioin of the sponge cake layer so I'll be carrying that over. However, I need to refine the crust, use a smaller pan, and increase the custard layer.

3.5 out of 5 NOMs