Craft Burger


Simple, but unique logo.
What? Craft Burger for dinner (post-workout)
Where? 830 Yonge st (30 sec from Bloor station.)
Price? $5.95 - $12.20 (burger vs. burger combo)
The skinny: I’ve heard good things about this place. The patties are hand-made from fresh (not frozen) Ontario AAA beef. It's topped some "Best Burgers in Toronto" lists so expectations are pretty high. There are currently three locations (Yonge st, King West and King East—the latter being the newest). Their menu is simple and straightforward. 

NOTE: Didn't have the camera with me so I had to resort to my phone. eek. sorry! Excuse to come here again? Perhaps. YES.

I love menus on chalkboards!!

I’ve been meaning to come to Craft Burger for a while now so when we were deciding where to grab a quick dinner tonight, I threw the idea out there. My friends trusted my opinion and off we went.

View out the street from our seats. Nothing special but then again, we didn't come here for the view.

Alfred got the Big Smoke Burger™ ($7.25; horseradish mayo, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, tomato & lettuce). He finished it in around 5 minutes, maybe less. The burger had great flavour and the horseradish mayo gave it some fire (specifically a tingle in his nose haha).
Big Smoke Burger. It looks so mouthwateringly scrumptiously deliciously, stress-relievingly good.

He’s a tank, and considering we just came from practice, he was in need of more substance. If you’re a big eater, I’d advise the combo (besides, the onion rings here seem to be rather lengendary). 

Julian got Craft Spicy ($6.95; caramelized onions, spicy chipotle mayo, tomato & lettuce). Also engulfed quickly. The caramelized onions really stood out for him. The spicy chipotle mayo was a nice surprise but he expected it to be spicier. Personal preference I guess. 
Craft Spicy. You can see the bed of spicy chipotle sauce and some caramelized onions poking out from under the tomato.

As for me, I had originally read about the Craft Blue ($6.95; gorgonzola, avocado, rosemary garlic mayo, tomato & lettuce) in Toronto Life a couple of years ago so I stuck with that.

The patty was medium rare, juicy and a welcomed piece of meat after almost a week of mediocre meat/protein in my meals. I thought the avocado was perfect for the burger.

Gorgonzola, meh. I guess even after my first successful experience of blue cheese at pangaea, I’m still learning to appreciate it.

The lightly toasted buns had bounce to them but I think they could be better. The “hand-crafted” burger (and hand-cut fries) make Craft Burger what it is. How about a bun that lives up to the rest of the burger? That would be a deadly delicious combo!

Verdict: I’m coming back for a Big Smoke Burger combo (with onion rings!).


4.5 out of 5 NOMs


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