Future Bakery & Café


We came here around 9PM on a Wednesday night. BUSY!
What? Future Bakery & Café for dessert
Where? 483 Bloor St W (walking distance from Spadina station)
Price? $2-$10 (Around $6 for a slice of cake)
The skinny: This place is located in the University of Toronto vicinity so it’s no surprise that most of the people who frequent this bakery are students. Known for its European fare and relatively cheap eats, the original location on Queen st has expanded into a small chain including another location on Front st. 

Came here after dinner at Pangaea for more dessert. I used my credit card for the first time! (Course I’d use it on food haha).

I got a slice of apple pie cheesecake. Making the choice was hard. I was standing in front of the glass display (there were probably 2 dozen cakes to choose from) for at least 8 minutes, just going back and forth. The cheesecakes were “fresh” so that narrowed my choices down nicely. I was craving something decadent and creamy and that’s exactly what I got. 

Apple Pie Cheesecake (Personally, I'm not a fan of dusting icing sugar on top of dessert. It's kinda redundant)

Mmmm. Nice, semi-soft, semi-firm apple slices in a pie filling sugar/pectin mixture served as the topping. Pretty decent sized for $6. I was completely satisfied by the time the last bite went into my mouth.

Side view of the apple pie cheesecake. It's layered with the graham crust, sponge cake(?), thin film of apple pie filling, cheesecake, then finally crumbs and apple slices.

Mike got some sort of chocolate toffee bar and a lemon coconut bar as well. They looked like desserts that will take you to your happy place but then you’ll feel super guilty afterwards for eating them…

Lemon Coconut Bar (in background).
Chocolate Brownie Toffee Bar?


Tall fat pitcher of sangria.

My friends also got a pitcher of sangria (red wine, fruits; in this case, cantaloupe and honeydew). I only wanted to try a sip or two but ended up downing 2 glasses, ugh peer pressure. I was fine but I looked far from it. Yeah, not a good idea for an asian like me who “glows” after the neck of a beer. It was kinda embarrassing when I bumped into a friend whom I haven’t seen for over a year on the subway. Classy.  

Saw some people studying. Not sure how that’s possible since it was loud.

Verdict: I’d return here any day, but not unless I was passing by. Their desserts are pretty legit, but there are so many bakeries out there that I still have to go to.

3.5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. try the key-lime pie next time!

  2. sorry late night reading here!

    i meant key-lime cheesecake!

  3. mhm i was debating between that and a couple of other ones. ill keep that in mind thanks! :D