Rainbow Roll and Unagi Roll (wild guess.)
What? Nikada Sushi Robata for AYCE sushi dinner (Jess’ birthday dinner!)
Where? 1883 McNicoll ave (43 Kennedy bus, in Scarborough)
Price? $20.99 for AYCE dinner
The skinny: Think AYCE (all-you-can-eat) sushi. Open kitchen. Now add onto that a decent variety (during dinner) including some of the more “unique” rolls. The name changed from “Mikado” (think north of Yonge/Dundas as well) and the food has improved as well.

Hard at working sculpting individual pieces of oh-em-gee-ness in your mouth.
AYCE Dinner Order Form.
It was supposed to be a friend’s birthday dinner but due to some mass text mistake, a few of us thought the reservations were for 7:30PM and not 8:15PM.  Instead, we dined with a group of friends (an awesome dance group) who were there as well. We ordered in two groups of 5 and 7 people since ordering for the entire table altogether is impractical.

Green & Red Dragon Rolls. They were so good (considering this is ayce and not a "legit" japanese restaurant).

Food took some time to come but that’s understandable and expected. When it did come, it disappeared in about 2 minutes.
Unagi Sushi. Near the end of our meal. On the left is how it came. On the right is literally 3 minutes later.

It worked out in the end that we didn’t sit with the ACTUAL party since orders would come maybe one giant plate at a time. Sitting at the opposite end of a long table from where the food’s being delivered is horrible luck. I feel for those who’ve experienced that. 

Salmon sushi. Spicy Salmon Roll. Unknown sushi. Help? haha
I had pretty good luck though. I sat where the food usually came so I was able to snap a photo of almost every plate of rolls/sushi/sashimi that came. YAY!  

Salmon Sushi.
I found it interesting that the salmon in the sushi, rolls, and sashimi all tasted different! I'm guessing it's mainly due to where the cut came from. Where on the fish it's from?

Messy but no worries about the food disappearing!

Of course the spicy salmon rolls are something else entirely (in a good way of course!). Saw one of the chefs preparing it. He minced the salmon, then put it in a bowl where he added the different sauces before blending it all then shaping it onto the rice. Cubed it like a boss and served it.

Spicy Salmon Rolls! More like cubes. Doesn't matter. The taste was "YESS!!!!!"

I don't even know how many pieces of sashimi we ordered. But we tanked it.

My boyfriend insisted on having a "thumbs up" photo haha
Verdict: I would definitely come here again. We all trusted one friend with ordering everything so I didn’t even glance at the ordering sheet. Next time, I’ll probably come with a handful of friends and try everything that sounds good.


Check ‘em out! http://mikadosushirobata.dining.ca/index.php (site’s under construction, but it should be up soon)

3.5 out of 5 NOMs