aunties & uncles


Discreet storefront. They've fixed the door now.
What? Aunties & Uncles for breakfast
Where? 74 Lippincott Street (College & Bathurst—easily TTC accessible)
Price? $10-$15 (you’ll be satisfied for the day)
The skinny: For those who don’t eat breakfast, wake up early one morning (you’ll be greeted by a lineup if you sleep in), come down, and be converted. This place used to be an old 50s barbershop and the owner has wisely kept the décor. The service is warm and welcoming as is the food.

This was during my second visit, when I took my mom. She enjoyed the breakfast pocket with salad.

I’m not one for elaborate breakfasts. I wolf down my cereal to avoid hitting the soggy phase. Aunties & Uncles served as a nice reminder that I can (and should?) indulge a little. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Croque Monsieur with Hash Browns. ($8.25)
To start, we both got coffee ($2.00; the unending flow of coffee refills were real handy). I got the croque monsieur with hash browns and my friend got the breakfast pocket with potato salad. Both are so good in their own way. The crunch when you bite down into the croque monsieur is so satisfying! The hash browns halved red potatoes fried with herbs and what looked like little bits of sweet potato. I love how they give you the “pan-bits” as well; they pack so much flavour!

Potato Salad. Think the coolness of the salad in contrast with the fresh "pocket"!

The breakfast pocket screams breakfast! (hence the name). Peameal bacon, tomato, scrambled eggs. You can’t go wrong with their potato salad either. 

Two words: fresh. dill.

                                                                     Breakfast Pocket with Potato Salad ($8.75).                                                                      Check out the texture of the ingredients; when you bite, there are no unpleasant surprises.

My friend, Darian and I were both debating whether or not to try the French toast (breakfast was filling). In the end, curiosity won and we ordered one to share. Good call since at Aunties & Uncles, they do not skimp on the eggs. The French toast is served with a side of fruit (in this case, asian pear), powdered sugar, a dollop of butter, and of course the quintessential maple syrup. 

Cinnamon French Toast ($7.50). The 4 stages we went through: Intact, Cut up, Mopping up the maple syrup, and finally Discarding the utensils onto the plate. So satisfying!

Verdict? I don't go out for breakfast much but out of all the times that I have, this was no doubt the BEST breakfast meal I've had outside. You’ll see me coming back for sure!

5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. I've been dying to go to Aunties & Uncles but it's so hard to wake up early! Your breakfast looks soooo delish~

  2. Perhaps you can sleepover at a friends place dt so it'll be easier than driving in from mississauga? haha Yes, that breakfast was soo good :D