Patachou shopfront sign.
What? Patachou for brunch
Where? 1120 Yonge St. (5 mins walk from Rosedale station)
Price? $1.10 - $15 (macaron vs. full brunch)
The skinny: This place is a neighbourhood gem with regulars frequenting the cute café during the morning and lunchtime hours. The display cases and windows are stocked with mouthwatering desserts, sandwiches, and pastries. You’ll want to try everything so come prepared with a list in mind. 

Beautiful white tin ceiling and chandelier. Note the Christmas ornaments hanging from the grid.

Double-palm sized bowls of Café au lait.

Came here with my awesome food buddy, Darian. We sat down to bowls of Café au Lait before gawking at the display cases. We came knowing that we’d try the Pain au Chocolat (a favourite) and macarons.

Started off with some pastries. Flakey, airy, quality pain au chocolat. It’s not your typical, run-of-the-mill pastry with chocolate piped in. You gotta try it out! As for the almond croissant, it was just so fresh and flakey! Can I take a half-dozen home?

Check out the flakey pastry!! And the chocolate..although it's not runny, it's not solid either. It's got enough bite to it to contrast the lightness of the pastry without standing out too much.


Apple Tart. Around $5.50 and worth every penny.

Onto fruit tarts! This meant an apple tart and a raspberry tart. The apples were so fresh! You can tell love was put into this tart. A torch was applied to caramelize some of the natural sugars of the apples. Bon choix! The raspberry tart was fresh and fruity (of course) as well but was overshadowed by the apple tart. Désolé. 

Beautiful presentation of the raspberry tart. Every single raspberry is just ripe enough. 

Because there were two of us, we went halfsies for everything. Notice that even the bottom/crust of the apple tart is light as well and not hard as most pastry crusts tend to be.

Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Vanilla, Pistachio, Mocha

And lastly, our objective. Macarons! They are the delicate French dessert sandwich comprised of two meringue discs sandwiching a buttercream filling. We couldn’t be prejudiced and pick a fewso we  tried one of each! 

There were chocolate, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, pistachio, mocha. Our collective favourites were the raspberry closely followed by the lemon. The flavours of the buttercream fillings were just so REAL. The vanilla was vanilla, the filling in the chocolate macaron was almost solid (and not very chocolatey nor cocoa) for some reason, the pistachio was just a tad nutty, and the mocha tasted like a regular meringue. 

Taking a closer look at our two favourites: the Lemon & Raspberry Macarons.

To split the macarons, we'd each hold one meringue and twist carefully to separate the two while distributing the filling as equally as possible. What dorks, I know! But we can get pretty hardcore when it comes to food. And yes, that's REAL raspberry pieces you see in the in filling of the photo above.

Verdict: A great café for a quiet, intimate yet relaxed meal with someone. The food’s great and reasonably priced considering the quality and the attentive, welcoming service. I’m coming back for sure in the summer to take advantage of that patio!

5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. Hey Carmen - thank you so much for posting this!! I would like to try it out sometime- what's the attire like for this place?

  2. Hey Lucy! ooo I didn't know you have a blog! Witty blog name i must say ;D

    For patachou, it's 100% casual. I warn you, there's a HUGE selection of pastries so let your eyes feast but limit yourself...ish. haha ENJOY!

  3. Wow, the finished product turned out beautifully...I love it!

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