petite THUET


petite thuet. Basket of pain au chocolat.
What? Petite Thuet for macarons  (gourmet food shop / bakery)
Where? 1162 Yonge St  (5 min walk from Rosedale station)
Price? $2-$85 (think pain au chocolat versus decadent cakes made to order)
The skinny: Petite Thuet currently holds 3 locations downtown and are the successful ventures of Chef Marc Thuet. They offer gourmet sandwiches, Paris style patisseries, and even do catering!

petite thuet. Check out how perfect they look!
I walked into a quaint, cute little shop full of goodies: baked, chilled, puréed, canned, smoked. Seeing as I was the only one there, I was skeptical. Minutes later a gentlemen walked in to pick up 2 Yule logs that he had ordered. The bill came up to over $100. Okay now we're talking! 

I was only planning on scooping out the location before I went with my food buddy Darian. He and I were on the hunt for macarons (that delicate French meringue sandwich cookie that come in an infinite amount of flavours). 

But after seeing this man fork out all that cash, I decided I couldn't leave empty-handed either. Ten minutes later, I emerged from the store with a little cellophane bag in hand. Inside were three macarons: Salted Caramel (supposedly a very popular selection), pistachio, and raspberry.

P.S. These are the first macarons I've ever tried.

petite thuet. Stacked.

I don’t feel you can fully appreciate food on your own so I waited until I got home the next day following girls’ night at one of my best friends to share the little treats with my parents.

The Salted Caramel macaron was a hit! We all enjoyed the salty but undeniably sweet caramel flavour. The pistachio had a nice clean nutty flavour. The raspberry was a little lost on us. We found it too sweet.

petite thuet. Close-up on the raspberry macaron. It looks as light and airy as it tastes.

Verdict: Cannot say much as I have only tried their macarons. I’ll return later on to try their other items. Maybe a $60 cake, just for kicks. Their jarred soups looked pretty neat!   

Check 'em out!   http://www.petitethuet.com/

3 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. Petite Thuet for me is a rare indulgence only - I cannot afford to go there too much or I will be broke haha~

    By the way, excited to see you post about your "future adventures". I've been to a couple of those restaurants too and have blogged about them...maybe take a read before you go! ^_^

    Great blog too! Keep it up =D

  2. So true, once in awhile is justifiable.
    aww thanks :) mhm, my friend recommended your blog and i follow it now! haha you've gone to so many places and you've got good taste!