Porchetta & Co.


The cute pig, too bad we're eating him! Eek. 

What? Porchetta & Co. for linner (or dunch? Haha either way, it was a 5PM meal)
Where? 825 Dundas St. W (Palmerston, take the 511 from Bathurst OR 505 from Dundas)
Price? $5 - $15 ($5.95 for the basic Porchetta burger, $0.75 extras)

The skinny: Opened just in the last week of this past December, Porchetta & Co. offers a very bare bones menu but the quality of their porchetta (mouth-wateringly savoury, fatty, boneless pork roast) is undeniable. 

The Dundas St W strip is just brimming with new eateries it’s remarkable. I’m thinking this is the new pork central with The Black Hoof and the recently closed Hoof Café (expect it’s reopening in April).

P.S. I know the logo in the photo's backwards, it was raining outside and I didn't want to kill my phone!

Pork Shoulder, wrapped in prosciutto, wrapped in pork belly.

A fellow food buddy and photographer Mike (he always has his camera on him so he took some pics. I on the other hand was armed only with my phone camera) proposed coming here. Even though the storefront’s discreet, with its super cute piggy logo, the aroma of crisp pork skin wafting from the open door’s enough to beckon you inside sans penser. I bet I could’ve closed my eyes and still found my way inside.

Yes, he's prepping our burgers! And I'm no doubt salivating like a child.

Unlike other restaurants, I wasn’t left gawking at the complex menu. It’s quite straightforward. I decided to get the Porchetta burger with mozzarella and mushrooms. Mike got a Porchetta burger with truffle oil and mushrooms.

(Left) Mike's burger. (Right) My burger. Tellement bon!

The burgers are stacked with fresh steaming cuts of the Porchetta. We dress them with honey mustard, Dijon mustard and Tabasco sauce. I forwent the Tabasco…didn’t feel like setting my throat on fire and wiping out my palette. Yes I’m a huge softy when it comes to spiciness.

Cute, vintage stools. Nice unique touches.

The burger was juicy, savoury, fatty (majorly guilt-inducing) and crispy (when I hit pork skin the crunch was heavenly). Served on fresh sourdough from Cadanese Bakery (across the street) it was pretty orgasmic.



Close-up on my burger. You can see how thin the mozzarella slice is.
I feel that the single mozzarella slice didn’t add too much to the sandwich. Naturally mozzarella has a light flavour (I mean it is made from the curds leftover during the cheese-making process) so the pork/prosciutto/pork belly combination drowned it out. The sautéed button mushrooms on the other hand, lent a great earthy flavour to the burger.

Verdict: I’d return here in a hearbeat. It’s so affordable! Next time, I’m bringing along some friends and my DSLR to take photos that will do this pork justice. Also, I’m returning for their soup.

5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. You know its sad when I still need to upload my pics and you already beat me to it...=P

  2. a bare bones menu is great, so they can focus on what they are good at!

  3. need to go soon... have been meaning to go but after reading your review, I think I should go sooner =P