Pumpkin Pie


As terrible and lazy as it seems, most of the things I bake or cook are out of convenience-sake. I’ll plan it out sometimes, buying any ingredients I lack but usually, I’ll get lazy and use whatever’s at hand.

That was definitely tonight’s case. My heavy cream was staring at me from my fridge door. Ok fine, I’ll use you (this came after my dad threatened to use it for his coffee. Uh no dad, this cream’s expensive). Time to make pumpkin pie!

Browning the butter.
Seeing as it was already late and I have a midterm tomorrow morning at 9AM, I decided to make the same crust as the Brown Butter Custard Pie, once again using twelve grain bread. The aroma of the browned butter, cinnamon, and bread cubes baking in the oven is the reason why I bake. Fresh and homey, I can’t get enough of it! (The only smell I might prefer over things baking in the oven is fresh laundry. But it’s a close race). 

Making the cinnamon toast. Bread, cubed, mixed with brown butter/cinnamon/sugar, toasted.

I put the cinnamon toast through the food processor then pressed into the springform pan and up the sides.

Got my "Pure Pumpkin" (left), spices (top right), sugar/egg/pumpkin/cream (bottom right)

The pumpkin filling is simple enough to whip together. Pumpkin purée, light brown sugar, eggs, cream, ground cloves, cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, pinch of salt. Et voilà!

It looks so smooth and silky after being poured into the pan. Well, now its off to the 320oF for 45 minutes.
Poured it into my pressed crust and in it goes to bake for 45 min. As it the filling sets and the crust melds together, I read some more of the French 18th century rom-com play, “Le jeu de l’amour et de hasard”. What topped off the night was enjoying the pie fresh from the oven and the fact that it came off the springform pan with ease! Success!

Pumpkin Pie!! Extracting the first slice and plating it. So excited to taste it!

The rents don’t seem to be huge fans of pumpkin, aka more pumpkin pie for me and whoever I bump into on campus tomorrow! 

Got my crust crumbs on the left and a morsel of pumpkin pie, filling crust and all--ready for my mouth! YAY!

3.5 out of 5 NOMs