Macaron time!

What? Pusateri’s for macarons
Where? 2901 Bayview ave (inside Bayview Village shopping centre, right outside Bayview station)
Price? $2-$15 (Think biscottis vs. prepared meals)

The skinny: Pusateri’s is an uber successful fine foods shop with 3 locations around Toronto. The most recently opened one is at Bayview Village (in my old neighbourhood). I was shocked to find on a visit back “home” that there’s valet parking. I shit you not. Valet. Parking. As you shop for artisan cheeses, fresh milk, and other obscure fancy-pants food items (I only say it in that way because I can’t afford it, unfortunately). Come here to indulge once in awhile, it’ll be worth it.

I only wanted to browse through the store (it’s packed with products on wire shelving units and lots of little stations plunked here and there). I found myself staring at the desserts. More fancy-pants than usual macarons?! I’m in. I settled on a Red Velvet Cheesecake macaron and a Black Currant macaron.

Also bought a lemon almond biscotti for my mumsies. We brought our bounty (about $5 in total) next door to Chapters where we ordered a Grande Bold at Starbucks upstairs.
Red Velvet Cheesecake macaron. It was a nightmare trying to open it up. As you can see, I failed miserably.

The inside of the macarons looked really odd. It’s not the usual sandwich you’d expect but rather a hollowed meringue where they pipe in the buttercream. I guess that way, the macron's more compact? Overall, the taste was fantastic! The presentation doesn’t do justice to the flavours. Next time you pop into a Pusateri’s, try their macarons! (but with your eyes closed). 
Black Currant macaron.

The biscotti was crunchy, almost moist in a way (I know it’s a dry item), and the almond was in your face but the taste wasn’t overwhelming. Tasted even better when dipped into our coffee. Biscotti is meant to be dipped into espresso then eaten so that came as no surprise. 
Almond biscotti with lemon, cocoa, and sugar granules?

Verdict: I’d come here again. It’s a big enough fine foods store that I’m confident I’ll find hard to track down items here.

Check ‘em out! www.pusateris.com

3.5 out of 5 NOMs

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