Spinach Artichoke Dip & Caramelized Pear on Baguette


I made my first dip (of any kind) last night! It seems simple enough, and it really is, so long as you have a food processor. You can even use a blender, although that may prove to be a little more difficult than just a food processor. 

Wash spinach, fry until wilted in a bit of butter and minced garlic. Purée with sour cream and artichoke then voilà! Dip!

Halved pear.
Sliced baguette with butter.


Coating the pear slices in light & dark brown sugar.
This morning before class, I decided to try out the dip with some toasted baguette. Pretty good. Then I started thinking about the actual tastes and textures present. Crispy, warm, cold, creamy and salty. I decided to add a little twist with caramelized pear slices and that seemed to work out well. 

But for next time, I think I’ll try the caramelized pear in a sandwich with lettuce, chicken, maybe some roasted red pepper. 

Caramelization reached! YAY!
           My attempt at searing the pear slices                       and caramelizing the brown sugar.

All stacked. Final Presentation.


3 out of 5 NOMs

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