The Olde Yorke Fish & Chips


Jackpot! The place we were looking for :D

What? The Olde Yorke Fish & Chips for what else other than fish & chips! :D
Where? 96 Laird Dr (off Eglinton ave east, East York)
Price? $12-$15

The skinny: Touted to have “the best fish & chips in Toronto”, I decided to hit up this family-run pub (yep, they’re licensed!) to have my first fish & chips experience. Line-ups out the door are not uncommon for this joint so there's also a take out option (separate entrance). Recommended were the calamari app, halibut & chips, haddock & chips, and homemade key lime pie.

Halibut & Chips

There were four of us who came. Don’t want to be mean, but the rainy (London-like) weather kind of set the mood. In a good way! It was sprinkling, Mike was wearing his wellies, and we were going to eat fish & chips, how oddly perfect is that?! Haha I’ll admit, not really. But I was super excited about chatting up with some friends over an expectedly good meal. :)

Check out the beautifully thick chips (aka fries)! --->
(more on that later)

The décor is homey and welcoming. Awesome traditional red leather booths in the dining area by the bar.  
Red suede stools by the bar.


Gerhard’s Café


Strawberry Custard/Cream Cake? (superlike)
What? Gerhard’s Café for cake!
Where? 1085 Bellamy Rd north (Scarborough, Ellesmere & Bellamy)
Price? $3.95 - $19.99 (slice of cake vs 6-inch cake)
The skinny: Since 1984, this bakery/café has been serving up cakes, pastries, and cookies the old-fashioned way. Straight up real ingredients, not skimping on the real fruit, fresh cream, and butter. Originally owned by a German couple, it is now owned by a Chinese couple. They have long standing customers dating back to when they first opened so they must be doing something (a whole lot of something) right.They offer sugar-free items as well!

This bakery adventure was my dad’s idea. As odd as it sounds, he read about it in a Chinese newspaper. Sure, I’ll take that. You never know when you’ll chance upon a great place. 

tucked away in a plaza off ellesmere
When the sun came out this morning, we decided it was time to pay Gerhard’s Café a visit. I had read phenomenal reviews about their Black Forest Cake so that was on the list. Upon arrival, I asked if I could take photos for my blog…one of the ladies working their kindly asked the owner for me. Allowed to take pics, but not of the entire place. Fair enough.


Banana Bread


Got about 13-16 slices for one loaf.

Banana bread is one of my go-to recipes when I have a craving to bake. It’s pretty simple and other I usually have all the ingredients on hand. It does take kinda long to bake but the result is always rewarding! :D

So when I found myself itching to bake something...but I knew I didn't feel like cookies or cake, banana bread time!!

Banana Bread   (makes 1 loaf)
1¾ cup  flour                          ⅓ cup     margarine / butter
2 tsp       baking powder          ⅓ cup     brown sugar, packed
½ tsp      baking soda              ⅓ cup    granulated sugar
¼ tsp      salt                           2             eggs
(¼ cup   chopped nuts)           1 cup + 1 tbsp mashed ripe banana (around 3)

of course I must show the organized chaos that is prepping any recipe ;)

Whole Wheat Spinach Pasta


Had some great pasta yesterday that my friend cooked from scratch! Homemade pesto with spaghetti and shrimp. Mmmmm..so good! :D

I’ve always been intrigued by pesto; because of the amount of flavour you get from the 5 main ingredients! (basil, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan, olive oil). No doubt after eating what Rachella made I wanted to try my hand at it too. And then I had trouble finding fresh basil and pine nuts at the grocery store. But fresh spinach was on sale.

Perhaps it was time to try making fresh pasta instead. Spinach linguine to be precise. However, made the mistake of “healthy-fying” it with whole wheat flour. It almost completely masked the flavour of the spinach so I’d suggest just going with normal all-purpose flour. 

Well here goes:

What will you need?      (Makes about 1¼ lbs of fresh pasta)
1           fresh bunch of spinach                     2¾ cup flour            
1           garlic clove, finely chopped               ½ tsp     salt
½ tbsp   olive oil                                            2            eggs
½ tbsp   butter                                               ¼ cup    water
salt & freshly ground black pepper                  1 tsp      olive oil


Mashion Bakery


What's that? 3 for $1... I'm sold!
What? Mashion Bakery for Chinese baked treats / desserts
Where? 345 Spadina ave (Chinatown; 510 streetcar from Spadina station)
Price? $1-$5 (dirt cheap)
The skinny: Chinatown in Toronto means Spadina ave. And it also means lots and lots of food places. Bakeries, you’ll find plenty. Mashion Bakery is one of those plenty but they offer buns at crazy cheap prices such as 3 for $1 or 2 swiss cake rolls for $5. Great variety, clean shop, cheap pastries. What’s not to like?

I was walking down the street, enjoying the mid-April snow and looking for a bakery when a banner across the street caught my eye. “GRAND OPENING. ALL DAY SPECIAL 3 for $1”. I’m thinking to myself, “this can’t be good…but it’s so cheap!”

How good does that look?

patachou (short)


yum !
What? Patachou for pastries “to-go”
Where? 1120 Yonge st (3 mins walk north of Rosedale station)
Price? $7.60 (my order)
The skinny: Not sure how I missed this, but there’s another location as well! (@ 853 St. Clair west). Patachou sells beautiful / delicious pastries. They serve brunch as well. Great selection where you can’t really go wrong but just know that they are well-known for their croissants!

I had a pretty crappy morning…main point is that I paid over $5 for photos that should’ve only cost $0.29. Good thing I bumped into a friend on the RT/subway and as we chatted, I regained my calm. :D thanks steph! 


Guu sakabar!


Very discreet sign (upper left corner) but cool facade with the tiny box windows!
What? Guu Sakabar for dinner
Where? 559 Bloor st w (2 mins walk from Bathurst station)
Price? $35 (for dinner w/ drinks)
The skinny: Opened just a few weeks ago (March 20th), Guu Sakabar (a.k.a. Guu 2) is the second location in Toronto of the super popular Vancouver Guu Izakaya chain. The menu offers a wider dessert selection than the Church location and some new dishes as well from Chef Ippei Iwata—like kushi age (Japanese-style deep fried kebab, $7.8 for five items) and carbonara udon (a no brainer when ordering time came, $8.9)! And then of course, there’s the extensive drinks menu (mug of Sapporo, $9.8, and a slew of cocktails). 

creative! The mini foyer for when the line-ups get loonngg.

I’ve heard way too many good things and read far too many positive reviews about the different Guu locations to not be itching to go. So when opportunity sprung up in the form of a couple of friends wanting to catch up and chat about France (I just got into a “study abroad” program from uni to study in France for a month! :D), I came up with two options for dinner: Guu Izakaya, or Guu Sakabar.

Mike looking good :D haha

Mike (I normally don't post photos up of my food adventure buddies, but he just looked so contemplative, and mysterious…like the future doc he’ll be haha cuz all docs are contemplative and mysterious --> refers to “Dr.” Abagnale in Catch me if you can.) perked up at the word “bar” in sakabar while Phoenix was indifferent and I just really wanted to try their Goma Zukushi dessert (sesame x3). 

The following takes place between 6:15PM and 8:30PM.


What a bakery


It looks decent. The anticipation before biting into one...pricelesss :]

What? What a Bakery for pastries (namely, Portuguese egg tarts)
Where? 875 Milner Ave Unit 114 (in Scarborough, take 116 from Kennedy)
The price? $2-$9
The skinny: To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this place. It's in a plaza with Harvey's, Fabricland (etc). It's about a 3 mins drive from campus so a couple of my friends come here often. Heard from Rachella that it's owned by a couple? Nice. 

Exam time was nearing so it's no surprise when the nerves are starting to tense up and weird cravings manifest themselves (such as gummy candy the other day...oh boy I She-Hulked that bag from bulk barn it was unsightly haha). In particular, my friends Rachella and Bev get "Nata" (portuguese egg tarts) cravings. 

Beauty shot.


Asparagus Risotto


Food. Cannot get enough of it. haha

Since I only used two spears of asparagus for my eggs Benedict, I had almost the entire bunch left. I won’t lie, I’m unsure as to the best way to serve asparagus so I stuck to what has worked in the past, asparagus risotto.

Instead of having the recipe at the end this time, I’m gonna incorporate the prep steps into sequential photos. Why? Because although having a photo of the final product helps me when I cook/bake, I find it even more helpful with photos along the way. :D 

Eggs Benedict


A decent portion of eggs benny.

Last night I had a craving for Hollandaise sauce…it was not pretty. I've been deprived of it for a little too long and I was feeling the effects of this lack of artery clogging sauce. 

Why can’t I just make the sauce and drink it? 

And then reason set in. Because I’d die of butter overload and I’d be turned off the creamy egg yolk sauce forever. Not a good prospect.

So I decided to wake up early this morning and pick up ingredients to make eggs benedict!


Gourmet Burger Co.


Not too hard to miss the shop.

What? Gourmet Burger Company for post-workout burger!
Where? 9 Charles St West (3 min walk from Bloor Station)
Price? $5.50 - $13
The skinny: A growing (and good) trend these days at burger joints is fresh made patties on-site. The flavour and freshness obviously trumps any frozen patty. Not sure why I had to specify that haha. Orders are filled kinda quickly (think 5-7 mins for a burger). The idea for starting this shop was the “Aussie burger”, a norm in down under. Fried egg, beet, pineapple, what’s not to love? Or at least be intrigued by?

Yay for complimentary toppings!

There are five locations in total: I went to the one on St. Charles st since it was within walking distance of the gym. Yeah, pump some iron and then stuff my face with protein (and some grease) done right. That’s how we do. 


salad king


What? Salad King for lunch
Where? 340 Yonge st (2 min walk from Dundas st.)
Price? $6-$12 (Reasonably priced thai food)
The skinny: This Thai restaurant has an amazing reputation and it’s got quite along list of regulars. It used to be at the edge of the Ryerson campus but due to a building collapse, and then arson, it has since moved across the street to the upstairs level above Foot Locker. The owner, Linda Liu and her husband Ernest also have another restaurant Linda at Shops at Don Mills. Linda was actually there the day we went and she was going around greeting the regulars, chatting. She seems really down-to-earth. Awesome! 



Super smile-inducing salmon filet :D
What? Quince for winterlicious dinner (& Symphony’s birthday!)
Where? 2110 Yonge st (3 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $25 (normally around $25-50 for dinner)
The skinny: This “modern bistro” uses a focus on Mediterranean cuisine and caters to well to their “regulars”. Opened in 2007, it's now an established, and successful restaurant.

Yes, this food adventure dates way back to when winterlicious was going on. I’m just really late with this post unfortunately.

Cute Winterlicious menu w the "Q" watermark.

A friend, Symphony (also a foodie, who particularly loves cupcakes!) was deciding on where to have her birthday dinner. As luck would have it, it’s winterlicious time! YAY! She’d checked out quite a few places and ended up choosing “Quince”. For winterlicious, it only offered a dinner prix fixé menu.


King's Noodle Restaurant


Yep, name on the tableware, and chopsticks!!
What? King’s Noodle Restaurant for linner
Where? 296 Spadina ave. (take 501 streetcar from Spadina station to Dundas)
Price? $8-$15 (You’ll get a super orgasmic meal for $20 plus leftovers, trust me!)
The skinny: Saw this in Toronto Life and I was sold. Cheap good Chinese eats. Fresh rice noodle rolls (“cheung fun”), congee, and wonton noodle soup are staples. Oh, did I mention the quintessential display window of roasted/barbecued goodness of crisp duck, goose, and pig Yep, the guys here are kinda very well-known for that.