Eggs Benedict


A decent portion of eggs benny.

Last night I had a craving for Hollandaise sauce…it was not pretty. I've been deprived of it for a little too long and I was feeling the effects of this lack of artery clogging sauce. 

Why can’t I just make the sauce and drink it? 

And then reason set in. Because I’d die of butter overload and I’d be turned off the creamy egg yolk sauce forever. Not a good prospect.

So I decided to wake up early this morning and pick up ingredients to make eggs benedict!

The obligatory ingredient photo :P

 It’s horrible sometimes how my cravings fuel my actions. I should’ve been studying, and instead I’m in the kitchen (and writing this post). Fantastic.

After picking up some English muffins, asparagus, Montreal smoked turkey (the words “Montreal” and “smoked” stood out, can you guess why? Schwartz!!!) I started prepping everything.



Well this is great. I don’t have any vinegar to poach my eggs. Can balsamic vinegar be a substitute? 

And being myself, I accidentally dumped in about a tablespoon into the boiling water.

Boiling water. Boiling water and way too much balsamic vinegar. Oops!

And that’s why my first egg came out like this. No worries, the second one's on the "prettier" side.
The first fail of a poached egg on the left. On the left: Blanching asparagus spears that have been cut.

First egg: The weird brown stuff is the balsamic vinegar haha! :)   (P.S. It tasted alright, surprisingly!)

 This is my only shot of the Hollondaise sauce process. :(

Hollondaise sauce = egg yolk + butter + lemon juice + salt + pepper + elbow grease

I was hugely paranoid that the sauce yolks would scramble so I had the heat on really low and I was whisking non-stop, hence the “elbow grease” haha.

Assembly: toast English muffins. Butter. Lay on two slices of turkey. Eggs. Season. Asparagus.
It's starting to all come together :D:D

And the fun part, pour the Hollondaise sauce everywhere!! 
Fini? Oui, on peut le manger maintenant.

Do not skimp on the sauce because it’s so good. It’s not exactly cholesterol-free so you should only indulge once in a (long) while. ;)
Eggs benny with a whole lot of Hollandaise sauce.

We had extra sauce leftover so to avoid it going to waste, we toasted some more English muffins and mopped it up. So yummyyy

Very satisfying brunch I must say. Next time, real vinegar and better timing so it’s all served to temperature. I could use some practice when it comes to whisking the perfect sauce (in general), so more food to come!

4 out of 5 NOMs


  1. i love Hollandaise! nice touch with the asparagus

  2. thanks, can't say it was entirely my idea though, i did see it in a cookbook once