Gerhard’s Café


Strawberry Custard/Cream Cake? (superlike)
What? Gerhard’s Café for cake!
Where? 1085 Bellamy Rd north (Scarborough, Ellesmere & Bellamy)
Price? $3.95 - $19.99 (slice of cake vs 6-inch cake)
The skinny: Since 1984, this bakery/café has been serving up cakes, pastries, and cookies the old-fashioned way. Straight up real ingredients, not skimping on the real fruit, fresh cream, and butter. Originally owned by a German couple, it is now owned by a Chinese couple. They have long standing customers dating back to when they first opened so they must be doing something (a whole lot of something) right.They offer sugar-free items as well!

This bakery adventure was my dad’s idea. As odd as it sounds, he read about it in a Chinese newspaper. Sure, I’ll take that. You never know when you’ll chance upon a great place. 

tucked away in a plaza off ellesmere
When the sun came out this morning, we decided it was time to pay Gerhard’s Café a visit. I had read phenomenal reviews about their Black Forest Cake so that was on the list. Upon arrival, I asked if I could take photos for my blog…one of the ladies working their kindly asked the owner for me. Allowed to take pics, but not of the entire place. Fair enough.

After some deliberation, we settled on a slice of Black Forest Torte and a slice of Strawberry Custard Cake. My mom also tacked on a plain croissant. Sat down at one of the tables (the décor hasn’t changed in over 20 years!). Our orders arrived promptly, the jam I ordered sitting beside the croissant (nice.). 

Cute Easter egg decorations.

My dad attempting to split the croissant lol

As usual, splitting the bounty equally got a little messy. It was pretty hilarious watching my mom expecting to slice through the custard easily but be stopped by the layer of pastry right on top of the cake.

Plain Croissant with Marmalade  ($2.29)
I had my doubts when I saw this in the display…and I had reason to. I mean the inside was decent; it was light. But the outside was soft, and the taste wasn’t buttery, fresh and smooth like you’d expect. After finding out it cost $2.29 I was even more puzzled.
plain croissant with jam (aka marmalade)

A shot of what it looks like on the inside. Airy, but not as moist as I expected.

Strawberry Custard Cream Cake  ($3.95)   <-- the owner kinda mumbled the name when i asked so im not too sure what it's actually called
Oh yes. Oh hell yes. This was nice. Very nice. Smooth custard and the presence of egg was very prominent. It was creamy but not heavy at the same time.
My mommy's awesome slicing skills :D Guess who took the largest piece? My dad, naturally lol

The pastry layers at the top, middle and bottom helped break up the texture. If the entire slice was just custard, I’d get bored of it quickly but with something to munch on and taste, I was satisfied. Pretty big slice considering the price. 
my third of the strawberry custard cream cake.

Black Forest Torte   ($4.95)
Fully enjoyed the layers of freshly whipped cream and I’m gonna guess Kirsch-soaked cherries? I was really pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the cream. I tasted genuine cream. 100%. No substitute.
This is what the entire slice looks like. Looked delish

The actual cake though, didn’t do much for me. Not chocolatey enough? It seemed like it accompanied the cream and cherries, rather than being the central player.
Focus on my portion of the Black Forest Torte. I did enjoy that there were MULTIPLE layers.

Overall, I wish we’d ordered a variety of their cakes as that’s what they’re known for. A lot of people got cake “to-go”.

cake selection. sorry that the photo's blurry! :(

Verdict: Nice bakery, great staff. There are dozens of amazing bakeries that I have yet to try. It’s good to know that keeping things traditional can still bring success in a world where baking is getting so “gourmet-ized". 

Check ‘em out!   http://www.gerhards.ca/

3 out of 5 NOMs