Gourmet Burger Co.


Not too hard to miss the shop.

What? Gourmet Burger Company for post-workout burger!
Where? 9 Charles St West (3 min walk from Bloor Station)
Price? $5.50 - $13
The skinny: A growing (and good) trend these days at burger joints is fresh made patties on-site. The flavour and freshness obviously trumps any frozen patty. Not sure why I had to specify that haha. Orders are filled kinda quickly (think 5-7 mins for a burger). The idea for starting this shop was the “Aussie burger”, a norm in down under. Fried egg, beet, pineapple, what’s not to love? Or at least be intrigued by?

Yay for complimentary toppings!

There are five locations in total: I went to the one on St. Charles st since it was within walking distance of the gym. Yeah, pump some iron and then stuff my face with protein (and some grease) done right. That’s how we do. 

Serious price difference in the burgers. Let's see how they compare!

Julian (I guess he’s now my "best Toronto burger" quest buddy) got the Spicy Cajun burger. He loved the jalapeños for its punch. I’m a wuss when it comes to heat so I didn’t try his burger. It did look scrumptious though with the havarti and chipotle & honey mayo!

Spicy Cajun Burger. Ordered as it is on the menu, no extra toppings.


So much packed into one burger!

(Went back the next week later and had this burger, it's good! To my surprise, I really enjoyed the jalapeños. I tried a bite without any and I noticed a lack of flavour. The kick is definitely necessary). 

To my already packed Aussie Burger, I added more toppings. (FREE toppings ftw!)

Yes, I ordered the Aussie burger.  I saw the ad for the “limited time offer Pulled Beef Brisket Burger”. Would’ve ordered that if I didn’t feel the need to quench my pineapple-in-my-burger craving. 

Made me salivate. (mentally...& maybe a bit physically too)
PS. Since my training at this gym is weekly, I came here this weekend after training and we (Alfred and I) each got one.  

I added sautéed mushrooms, beets, and caramelized onions to mine. It was amazing!! The brisket was falling out of the burger, there was so much!). My burger wasn't quite as volumptious as the photo but it was pretty darn close! :D

ohemgee Aussie Burger!

Tried to get a shot where you can see all the layers of toppings. :)

From top to bottom toppings:
- roasted red peppers (to my surprise, they were cold)
- braised beets
- fried egg
- pineapple
- caramelized onions  
- cheddar
- lettuce

Everything came together. In my mouth. It was an explosion of great (at first, peculiar) flavours! I'm really digging the pineapple. Was expecting the yolk to ooze out but the egg was thoroughly cooked through....I think having the gooey yolk would've added to the burger but who knows?

the aftermath: destroyed the burger in an as lady-like a manner as possible. Possible success?

Verdict: I've been here about 5 times now and have yet to meet some sort of disappointment. Great gourmet / signature burgers make this burger joint a stand out. The price is pretty attractive too (all burgers under $10). The only drawback is that their patties aren’t very thick or drippingly juicy. The awesome toppings can almost make up for that though. ;)

4.5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. Yummm, although I ♥ spicy/hot,... the Aussie Burger just jump out at me =P nice description, make my burger craving surface

  2. haha great post! very interesting....i wonder how the beets and pineapple complement savouriness of the burger -- i need to try it!!!

  3. @kiki's B.F.F : you should definitely give it a try! Although the aussie burger is their most expensive one ($8.50). But its worth it! ;D

    @dar : yesss do go!

  4. I now remember that I went there last summer at teh Yonge location and it was a bit dry... that's why I thought I haven't been... maybe the quality differs from location =(

  5. hmm maybe. The burger patty isn't the best but together with the toppings it all comes together well I think it's worth giving it another try if you pass by one :D