patachou (short)


yum !
What? Patachou for pastries “to-go”
Where? 1120 Yonge st (3 mins walk north of Rosedale station)
Price? $7.60 (my order)
The skinny: Not sure how I missed this, but there’s another location as well! (@ 853 St. Clair west). Patachou sells beautiful / delicious pastries. They serve brunch as well. Great selection where you can’t really go wrong but just know that they are well-known for their croissants!

I had a pretty crappy morning…main point is that I paid over $5 for photos that should’ve only cost $0.29. Good thing I bumped into a friend on the RT/subway and as we chatted, I regained my calm. :D thanks steph! 

Wanted to grab something quick and carry-able so I could bring home for the fam. Naturally, I ended up at Patachou where I got 3 items. If you’ve read my first (much lengthier post) for patachou, you’ll see that I ordered the first two items and really enjoyed them.

The three items I picked up.

Plain croissant.
It's buttery, flakey, and so light! Sometimes the "original" versions of things are better than embellished versions. This is a croissant done well. ;) Main point, you gotta first have a solid "base" dough/pastry/crust/batter recipe before you can go wild. 
Plain croissant

Chocolate and almond croissant.
Around 2-3 times heavier than the plain croissant, this is a hefty pastry. It packs a punch too in the taste department. Minced almonds inside, chocolate drizzled on top, sliced almonds and icing sugar. This croissant's a winner. 
Croissant au chocolate et aux amandes

Pain au chocolat. 
Chocolate piped through the entire length of the "pain" (bread). Same beautiful crunch as you bit down, followed by the soft, airy contrast of the inside, and finally you sink your teeth into the chocolate. Was that eloquent enough? Doubt it. haha 
Pain au chocolat

When in downtown looking for a light bite, I’ll probably find myself walking/subwaying to Patachou where I will envision myself conversing freely in French with the people there. One can always dream.  :D  

Verdict: I will refrain from giving patachou a full 5 NOMs because although it’s a phenomenal bakery, the price is a little hard to overlook when you’re a student.

Check ‘em out! (reviews) One of the best croissants in Toronto.
                                           One of the best baked treats in Toronto.

4.5 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. you're going to have to let us know how it compares to 'the real deal' in 3 months time