Super smile-inducing salmon filet :D
What? Quince for winterlicious dinner (& Symphony’s birthday!)
Where? 2110 Yonge st (3 min walk from Eglinton station)
Price? $25 (normally around $25-50 for dinner)
The skinny: This “modern bistro” uses a focus on Mediterranean cuisine and caters to well to their “regulars”. Opened in 2007, it's now an established, and successful restaurant.

Yes, this food adventure dates way back to when winterlicious was going on. I’m just really late with this post unfortunately.

Cute Winterlicious menu w the "Q" watermark.

A friend, Symphony (also a foodie, who particularly loves cupcakes!) was deciding on where to have her birthday dinner. As luck would have it, it’s winterlicious time! YAY! She’d checked out quite a few places and ended up choosing “Quince”. For winterlicious, it only offered a dinner prix fixé menu.

Super cute cubes of bread with an eggplant dip.

Here’s how it all went down: P.S. We occupied the entire basement level, which was really nice in that we didn’t have to worry about disturbing other people. 

It was snowing quite a bit that evening so most people arrived quite late. Considering we were a party of about 20, I’d say the food came quick enough and the service was decent. A surcharge of $5/person was charged (reasonable).


Traditional Dutch Green Split Pea Soup
“Pleasant”. I'd guess is was hearty and the considering the weather (snowstorm), I'd assume the hot soup was very welcomed. 
Dutch Split Pea Soup. MMM looks so yummmmy!

Beef Poutine
braised beef with Indonesian spiced peanut sauce fresh Montforte dairy cheese curds
I had this. The peanut sauce was pretty interesting, different than the normal gravy. Good, fresh cheese curds but overall, I’d prefer the gold old-fashioned poutine with its crazy and soggy fries.

(From left) Beef Poutine, Escarole Salad, House Cured Veal Carpaccio

Braised Lamb Shoulder
roasted carrots, mashed potatoes, lamb jus
The lamb was so tender and juicy! I’d say that this is probably a very consistent dish so you  shouldn’t go wrong if you order lamb.
Braised Lamb Shoulder: "simple" but so pleasant.

Pork & Beans

House Made Gnocchi
wine braised beef brisket, pine nuts, arugula, Parmesan

Didn’t get a chance to try it but those who did order it really enjoyed it.

“Pork and Beans"
grilled Perth County Berkshire pork sausage & double smoked bacon, root vegetable cassoulet
Only a couple of people ordered it. The small portion of the single sausage turned them off. To them , the dish seemed too simple and didn’t have enough complexity to it. 



Grilled filet of Salmon, du Puy Lentils
orange roasted beets, braised onion, orange gremolata
I ordered this and was very satisfied with it. Ordered the salmon medium rare and it was perfect. Beautifully grilled, juicy, and tender. Definitely took my sweet time eating it. The beets had a nice texture; clean, but flavourful. Don’t remember the lentils or onion. The salmon shined and that’s all that mattered to me. 
Grilled filet of Salmon, du Puy Lentils

Wild Mushroom House Made Lasagna
spinach ricotta, arugula pesto, green salad (vegetarian)
The greens were not well received. Nothing special about them but the lasagna was well received. It was creamy, the mushrooms gave it an earthy, meaty flavour so you don’t miss having the usual, meat sauce. 
Wild Mushroom House Made Lasagna

Dessert time!!!! Best time of the day! Well, almost. 

Chocolate bread pudding

Chocolate bread pudding crème anglaise, wild blueberry compote
Didn’t quite impress people. Nothing too special. 
This photo's horrible. Took it quickly before my friend dug in. Was debating if I should even post this photo up but if I have it, I'll post it so you at least get an idea of what it looked like.

Spiced Pumpkin Pot au Creme

Spiced Pumpkin Pot au Crème caramelized apples and pistachio

Love pumpkin. I didn’t care very much for it until last year when I took advantage of pumpkin season during fall. The pumpkin, apples, and pistachio joined in a great marriage of flavours and textures. You’ve got some sweet, salty, creamy, and mellow pumpkin. Not something I’d make in the kitchen so it was great to experience it at the table. 


Chilled Arborio Rice Pudding quince jam
Some people really liked the creamy, chewiness of the rice pudding. I tried it and meh. Meh. Nothing overly special but a decent, typical dessert. 
Chilled Arborio Rice Pudding (the pudding would've stood well enough on its own w/o the jam)

Verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed 2 out of 3 courses. According to other reviews, Quince is reliable come winter/summerlicious time so I’d add to that list of recommendations as well. However, I’d say you should come with a few friends so you can try a variety of dishes.

4 out of 5 NOMs

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