salad king


What? Salad King for lunch
Where? 340 Yonge st (2 min walk from Dundas st.)
Price? $6-$12 (Reasonably priced thai food)
The skinny: This Thai restaurant has an amazing reputation and it’s got quite along list of regulars. It used to be at the edge of the Ryerson campus but due to a building collapse, and then arson, it has since moved across the street to the upstairs level above Foot Locker. The owner, Linda Liu and her husband Ernest also have another restaurant Linda at Shops at Don Mills. Linda was actually there the day we went and she was going around greeting the regulars, chatting. She seems really down-to-earth. Awesome! 

Saturated with colour, unlike their old location.

You can choose the heat level (1 through 20 chillis) for a little over half of the items of the menu. The menu’s very straight-forward with brief descriptions for each dish. I love their mango sticky rice dessert ($4) but unfortunately, they didn’t have any the day we went. I was kinda disappointed to find this out considering there’s only 2 dessert items.

But I digress. The atmosphere’s not exactly hectic, but it’s like a brief pause in a rush. Servers are attentive but efficient. 

We started off by sharing Crispy Spring Rolls ($4). They were alright. Typical. Crispy of course because it's deep fried. The sweet and sour sauce (surprisingly very liquidy) was near necessary for each bite to give it the sufficient amount of flavour. Not a bad thing per se.
Crispy Spring Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Instead of curry (wasn’t feeling hungry enough), I decided to get the coconut chicken soup ($4.50) and a bowl of steamed rice ($1.50). The soup was already “spicy”. I realized I should’ve gotten the curry as I discovered I actually wanted more sustenance. The soup was great, with all the complexities of flavours that you look for in any thai soup. The lemongrass and multitude of herbs and spices infuse the broth with flavours that I can’t even begin to attempt to recreate at home. Rice is rice so it’s hard to get that wrong. 
Steamed Rice + Coconut Chicken Soup = very comforting

Orange Beef with Rice

My friends got Orange Beef ($8.50) and Rainbow Chicken ($8.25). 

Musonda liked the overall composition of her dish whereas Vickie was left hanging. She’s Chinese and so eats similar dishes all the time. With such a wealth of experiences to draw from, she didn’t find anything special in her meat. 

Rainbow Chicken

Verdict: The food comes quickly and hot (which is always good since I find it a huge turn off to be served food that’s at room temperature when it’s meant to be hot). Service is great. I would definitely come back, but for only a few specific dishes (ie curry, pad thai, and that MANGO STICKY RICE DESSERT!!!).Their prices are slightly higher than some other thai restaurants.

Check ‘em out! http://www.saladking.com/

3.5 out of 5 NOMs

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