What a bakery


It looks decent. The anticipation before biting into one...pricelesss :]

What? What a Bakery for pastries (namely, Portuguese egg tarts)
Where? 875 Milner Ave Unit 114 (in Scarborough, take 116 from Kennedy)
The price? $2-$9
The skinny: To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this place. It's in a plaza with Harvey's, Fabricland (etc). It's about a 3 mins drive from campus so a couple of my friends come here often. Heard from Rachella that it's owned by a couple? Nice. 

Exam time was nearing so it's no surprise when the nerves are starting to tense up and weird cravings manifest themselves (such as gummy candy the other day...oh boy I She-Hulked that bag from bulk barn it was unsightly haha). In particular, my friends Rachella and Bev get "Nata" (portuguese egg tarts) cravings. 

Beauty shot.

And knowing my love of food and nostalgia of these tarts, they saved me one! So sweet and nice of them! :D:D
I took it home to enjoy. After some photos, I split it with my family. 

The Macau versions aren't as funnel-shaped.

Custard. You can see that it's too thick and not eggy enough.

Well, let's just say that it is NO comparison to the tarts I had in Macau. The custard filling was too thick, pudding-like and the crust wasn't all that flaky. Mind you it was in a carton all day so I'm probably to blame for that. 

Verdict: hmm...I did hear that the tarts are good fresh as well as other items so perhaps I'll give it another try someday. As for the Portuguese egg tart, it looks great but falls flat on taste.

Check 'em out!  What A Bakery 

 2 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. you've been spoiled! >=) nice pictures!

  2. teehee, ive got amazing friends like that! :D haha thanks