Grindhouse Burger Bar


"The Wild Boar"

What? Grindhouse Burger Bar for burgers! (and late lunch)
Where? 365 King st W (504 King West streetcar OR 510 Spadina Streetcar, across from MEC)
Price? $7-$15 (beef burger – buffalo wings )
The skinny: Having heard and read about their “Sliders & Beer Pairings”, Grindhouse burger bar was bumped up to the top of my “future food adventures” list. A friend of mine, a beer enthusiast, and I were to go after exams were over. We made plans, I checked the menu, then…was let down. No more sliders?! NOO!! Nevertheless, we had made a “promise” to go so we did. Here’s what happened.


We decided to go for a late lunch, around 2PM. There were two other tables occupied when we got there and only we were left after they had gone. There’s some seating at the front of the restaurant, looking out onto the street, some at the bar, and the rest were conventional tables in front of a long red-upholstered bench stocked with comfy pillows.

Seating areas

The entire menu is simple but the burgers seem anything but. My friend Mike started off with a beer…and he won’t be too pleased that I forgot the name of it haha Something with “maple”. Oh man, what I do remember is him describing it to me! “little sweet, but sour…not bad but not what I expected”. 

BEEEEERRRR!!! (think of the chariman from Iron Chef America during the beer episode)

We started off by sharing Onion Rings ($5). The batter was light and the Panko gave it an even crispier crunch and texture. Unfortunately, I was left wanting more flavour. I expected more of a fried onion taste but it tasted almost bland? Great dipping sauce though, gave the onion rings the flavour it lacked. 
Onion Rings: Spiced Buttermilk Batter & Panko Crusted ($5)

At the corner Blue Jays Way & King st W.

Cool table!

Mike got the “Black & Blue”. It looked so juicy!!! And the grill marks on both the bun and patty = YES. By the way, the buns are infused with beer, which are baked on-site daily. We both got white buns, which makes use of Mill Street Tankhouse. That explains the interesting texture and air bubbles on the buns. 

The Black & Blue

My friend enjoyed his burger, which was done medium-rare. A lot of flavour and juiciness were present. However, he said the blue cheese overpowered the beef a bit. That would’ve been my concern too considering my experience at Craft Burger.

As for me, I was really attracted to the “apple and onion chutney” and “goat cheese” in “The Wild Boar” burger ($12). Slightly pricier due to the meat used, I expected to get sweet, gamey, creamy, and smoky flavours in my burger. What I got was a burger that had great moments depending on the bite and a good idea that didn’t transfer all that well on the plate.
The Wild Boar: "House Minced with Hazelnuts and Sage, Apple and Onion
Chutney, Roasted Garlic Goat Cheese and Baby Arugula."

The boar had an interesting texture. I’m assuming that different cuts were used as it was rather crumbly and unfortunately, on the dry side. I know that I’m not a huge fan of the bitterness that arugula brings, but it was balanced out pretty nicely by the goat cheese and apple chutney.
Upside down VS. right side up, how do you eat your burgers?

Cute utensils/napkin station (left), informative wall art (right).

Verdict: I’d come back to try one of their beef burgers as it is their “specialty”. I’ll recheck their online menu and when they do have the “Sliders & Beer pairings” again, I’ll be returning. :D

Check ‘em out! http://www.grindhouse.ca/

4 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. Woohoo! Happy to read a good review for Grindhouse from you (as I have a voucher for the place lol). I agree that it is dangerous with blue cheese...I mean i LOVE blue cheese, but if they actually put too much, the saltiness of it totally overpowers the burger. So in that case, more is actually less =) Great post! ^___^

  2. Yes I have teh voucher too =P
    Can't wait to try their burger now.
    Great post, love how you had more picture than usual this time (^_^)

  3. thanks! im definitely going to do that in the future haha I'm not as articulate as I want to be so ample photos really do help

  4. great post i've seen the one on king street a few times and was curious bout it but now i know to definitely go try it out wish i had a voucher like kiki & stella tho

  5. this place closed down in July of this year.

    Agra Fine Indian Cuisine operates there now.