Jasmine Rice Pudding


This will be either the last or second last post about coconut milk as a main ingredient in a dish. At least for awhile. Just so you know, from my CoconutSpiced Chick Pea Soup and Sai Mai Lo to now, all the coconut milk is from a single can. Now that’s a worthwhile purchase!

Here I decided to change it up a bit from the sago dessert, but still keeping the dessert component. Looking online, I found a recipe for “JasmineRice Pudding”, thanks to MarthaStewart.com. YAY! They’ve saved my life many times when I was clueless as to what to cook. 

Of course, I’ll lay out all the ingredients. It may be more time efficient to just measure and grab the ingredients as you go, but by having it all organized, I can clearly see if I’m short of anything. Substitutions or quick runs to the grocery store can then be made. Luckily, I did have everything on hand that day. 

To start off, I rinsed the rice. To rinse, fill the bowl with cold water and stir with chopsticks. After a few rounds, the water should go from a milky white to almost clear. Drain and set aside.

Now time to put everything together! Cooking rice in a pot, not my forte. I’m used to pouring the rice into the rice cooker then pouring in the prescribed amount of water before pressing a button. 
I had a deep frying pan out at first then decided to revert to a small saucepan...

With a saucepan, there’s no doubt that much more work is involved. I added in some small tapioca pearls near the end in the hopes of adding a slightly different texture to the pudding.
Steps: milks, vanilla & cinnamon, rice, stir, stir, stir.

Final steps: stirring in the sugar & the chopped raisins.

After it’s all done cooking, set aside and cool completely. Of course I decided to help this process along by covering the bowl with plastic wrap and sending it to the fridge (worked well for me!). 
(left) The pudding that's just taken out of the saucepan. (right) The pudding that's been cooled in the fridge.

Came home from practice and I was pumped to finish off this dessert and to finally enjoy it! All that was left to do was to incorporate whipped cream and some diced mango (I had a very ripe mango so I decided to use it haha) 
Only two more things to add: whipped cream & chopped mango. MMMMM

As usual, I’m fascinated by the properties of cream; how it fluffs up and doubles in volume when you whisk it enough.
Yep, always enjoy whipping cream. It's too cool how it goes from liquid to solid/stiff peaks in less than a minute!! :D:D

 Fold it in immediately into the chilled pudding mixture (which you’ve already broken up). The diced mango are mixed in afterwards and voilà! Vous avez du pudding au riz! (not sure if it sounds that much better in French :S)  
Oh creamy goodness.

It was really creamy and rich. A little too sweet, and the rice could’ve still used more time to cook. I think where I went wrong was the lack of “steam” time that I gave to the rice. I was too scared that it would burn so I stirred it way too much. 

Just one more photo for the road!

3.5 out of 5 NOMs


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