Mango Pudding


Last week after making the jasmine rice pudding, I thought I would be done with the whole coconut milk thing…but turns out there was still some left! My grandma has also gotten into the habit of gifting me mangoes (I love my grandma and her thing of giving us random groceries LOL like chick peas…). So mango + leftover coconut milk = mango pudding!! :D:D Yes, I love dessert.

This recipe is super easy and quick. I got it off about.com.

Easy Mango Pudding (lactose free)
By Darlene Schmidt

2          medium-large ripe mangoes
3 tsp    gelatine (unflavoured)
½ cup  hot water
⅓ cup  white sugar
1 cup   coconut milk

I didn’t have 1 cup of coconut milk (more like ½ cup) so I substituted with skim milk. I haven’t drank 2% milk in years…I’ve gotten used to it so much that 2% milk seems creamy and “so much whiter in colour!” haha 

In a small saucepan, I boiled the water. Turned off the heat and started whisking in the gelatine. Make sure that there are no lumps! Sugar goes in afterwards.
I used a sauce whisk rather than a balloon whisk. :)

Puréeing the mango was a breeze! Can’t say this enough (my mom’s rolling her eyes right now reading this LOL) but I seriously love my immersion blender. It’s so useful that it’s almost TOO useful! (not that that’s ever possible but still). 

Poured in the sugar/gelatine mixture into the mango purée. Pulsed in the milk/coconut milk mixture as well until it was smooth. 

As I added the milks into the mango mixture, it created this cool layered effect! Unintentional but it definitely surprised me.

Last step was distributing the pudding liquid amongst some small bowls, ramekins, and mini cupcake moulds (<-- this last one was a fail since I forgot the difference between “pudding” and “jell-o” haha) and popped them all into the fridge to chill and set. 

Came home at night after dragonboat practice…oh look! Ready to serve mango pudding in the fridge! Awesome. I think I would’ve preferred having used a full cup of coconut milk rather than just a half since the flavour was too subtle. 

4 out of 5 NOMs