Sushi on Bloor


nice tree...obstructing the sign.
What? Sushi on Bloor for an insanely late lunch (aka 3pm)
Where? 515 Bloor st w (3 min walk from Bathurst station)
Price? $5.99 (for lunch special)
The skinny: The 20 or so award plaques on the wall greeeting you by the entrance should be enough to tell you that this place is successful. Very. Successful. If that’s not sign enough, then you would intrigued to know that the restaurant was still full at the hour that I arrived, aka 3PM. Cheap, good sushi. That’s what I’ve read and heard.

Wall of awards. The table I sat at? Right below the plaques...where that Starbucks coffee is haha

Very chill atmosphere.

I ventured downtown today to do some errands...meaning shopping for warm and mildly waterproof apparel before my first on-water dragonboat practice of the season. SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Stoked to the max it’s not even funny. When the schedule was confirmed, let’s just say I got a little giddy. :)

By the end of my trying-to-be-frugal-but-still-trying-to-be-mindful-that-I-don’t-want-to-freeze-in-cheaper-not-so-warm-clothing-shopping-day, I was undeniably famished. Really wanting to finally try Sushi on Bloor, it was an easy decision to come here. :D

Check out the actual (tiny) flakes of green tea leaves in the tea! mmm soothing hot tea. :]    (miso soup on the right)

Luckily as soon as I walked in a couple were leaving so I got a seat right away. Yeah, I ate alone. Kinda sad haha.
I was greeted by a HOT cup of green tea and a steaming bowl of miso soup. Oh yay! The cup doesn’t even have a faint smell of bleach. Winning! 

Lunch special menu (Hot meals & sushi)

Wanted to order from their regular menu but “lunch special for $5.99” had me at “unagi don”. By that I mean grilled freshwater eel. Haven’t had it in a few months so suddenly, I was having an intense craving. Convenient, I’ll take it!

<--- H10. Unagi Don!! :D:D

Crunchy iceberg lettuce in the beginning of spring?! cool.

Just like at other sushi restaurants (ie Sushi World), what followed next was a bowl of salad. 

Although the photo sucks, (didn’t set out to take photos so I didn’t have the DSLR with me :( ) I hope you can still get a sense of the size of this bowl. It was big!! Mmm good Japanese salad dressing! Grainy, tangy, thick, and a little sweet.

The Unagi Don came as an even bigger bowl (it was probably 7 or 8-inches in diameter) filled with steamed rice, 5 unagi pieces, and 3 pieces of pickled Korean radish.
UNAGI!!!!! So much flavour (of course the sauce helps a lot).

ugh phone camera not the greatest.

Did not expect something this huge. It was a battle trying to finish it. The pickled radish was a little old and shrivelled so I set that aside. The unagi was delicious!!!! I savoured those slowly. Rice. I usually like mine with a bite to it but this rice was on the hard side. Poured a little bit of green tea, mixed it in, perfect! Haha

Also, after mixing the rice, it seemed as though sauce had magically appeared! I’m pretty sure it was just at the bottom but still, I was fascinated. You know what they say about simple minds. Oh boy…digging myself a hole there.
This is mid-mixing. After I was completely done, all the rice was evenly covered in the delicious delicious sauce.

Needless to say, I had the most lovely food baby going when I finally peered into an empty bowl. Pleased, satisfied, stuffed, I waddled my way out…into BMV (a few doors down) to check out what other than cookbooks!
I came, I tackled the beast of a bowl...more like a giant pot of rice and unagi-goodness, and finally...CONQUERED! :D

Oh lookie here! Under $7 for a belt-busting lunch?! AWESOME

Verdict: Not fond of the shrivelled pickled Korean radish haha but as far as the quality and amount of food that you get in relation to price, I have yet to go to a sushi restaurant that’s better!

Check ‘em out!   http://www.sushionbloor.com/

5 out of 5 NOMs

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    and don't worry i've eaten there by myself many times too!

  2. oh hello there :)
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