Kingston! Cambodiana Restaurant


What? Cambodiana Restaurant for lunch (curry!)
Where? 161 Brock st (Kingston, ON)
Price? $9-$15
The skinny: This restaurant is owned by a Cambodian family serving authentic Cambodian and Thai food. 

I assure you this is my last “Kingston!” post. ;D There are at least a handful of places that I didn’t get the chance to go to and a couple where I did go but didn’t have my camera with me. I’ll be visiting Kingston again in the future so I don’t mind too much. :)


Kingston! Pan Chancho Bakery & Cafe

Beautiful storefront!
What? Pan Chancho Bakery for bread
Where? 44 Princess St. (Kingston, ON)
Price? $2-$12
The skinny: This is the go-to bakery in Kingston. Good variety of breads that are baked daily in addition to other fresh pastries and desserts. They also have a fully licensed café. And guess what? They cater too! 

Kingston! White Mountain Homemade Ice Cream


Killer Brownie

What? White Mountain for dessert (ice cream & frozen yogurt!)
Where? 176 Ontario St (Kingston, ON)
Price? $4-$9
The skinny: Ice cream. But homemade. Waffle cones. Freshly made. The aroma wafting from this shop: supposedly intoxicating & alluring. (didn’t get that when I came since they weren’t making cones at that moment).

Summer to me means cold desserts. Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, slushies, bubble tea…the list goes on and on. I knew I would be having some sort of frozen dessert on my mini-trip to Kingston. The question was where and what exactly? 


Kingston! Confederation Park


Confederation Park

This is my very first post that doesn’t involve food. Eek, change! Haha Well, as you read in my previous post, my friend and I just finished stuffing ourselves with Greek food so we had to work it off. 

But how?




Kingston! Grecos Grill & Wine Bar


What? Grecos for Greek food (lunch)
Where? 167 Princess St (downtown Kingston)
Price? $10-$15
The skinny: I’ve never been to Kingston before my visit a few weeks ago, but it seems that this is “the” place to go to when it comes to Greek food cravings. Owned by Greeks, the menu is almost “homestyle” with traditional Greek fare and a simplicity that you can’t go wrong with. 


Kingston! Kame Sushi & Izakaya


Simple exterior with the quintessential red lanterns.
What? Kame Sushi for lunch
Where? 156 Division St (in Kingston, Division & Garrett)
Price? $10-$15
The skinny: This is probably as traditional as it gets in Kingston in terms of an Izakaya. Opened just over 2 months ago, Kame Sushi & Izakaya is quickly establishing a solid reputation with their dedication to quality, great food and service. 



Ribfest @ Woodbine Park


(at "Uncle Sam"). This guy was awesome enough to pose for me! :D
What? Ribfest for ribs!! :D:D
Where? Woodbine Park (Coxwell ave & Lake Shore Blvd E)
Price? $7-$25 (brisket/pulled pork sandwich – “Grand Slam”)
The skinny: Also known as the annual “Beach BBQ & Brews Festival” held annually at Woodbine Park (just north of Woodbine Beach), it’s a celebration of summer along with the food associated with it—all things barbecued! :D This year, it took place from June 17-19 (Father’s Day Weekend, perfect!). Go for some amazing ribs and to simply, relax. 


Marble Slab Creamery


FIND HAPPINESS WITHIN. yes, i agree. ice cream = happiness. :D
What? Marble Slab Creamery for dessert (ice cream!)
Where? 330 Yonge St (2 min walk from Dundas station)
Price? $8.39 (we got a large waffle bowl I believe)
The skinny: The journey all began in Houston, Texas in 1983. The goal was to make “gourmet ice cream”. This led to the whole technique of using a frozen slab. You choose your flavour and the mixins you desire (there are a lot so be prepared to stand and ponder for awhile), and they will mix it all for you on the marble slab. 


Chipotle Mexican Grill


What? Chipotle Mexican Grill for late lunch/burritos!
Where? 323 Yonge st. (just north of Dundas Square, outside Dundas station)
Price? $8.19+tax (burrito/tacos/salad)
The skinny: Simply put, this is another one of those good-intention-locally-supportive-believes-in-food-made-well-using-a-limited-but-focused-menu sort of restaurants. It’s just that here, the focus is on burritos. Mmm.


great burger kitchen

Ladies and gents, I present to you: the GREAT BURGER! :D:D
What? Great burger kitchen for lunch!  (open 11am – 11pm)
Where? 1056 Gerrard St E (can take 83 Jones bus from Donlands station)
Price? $6.95-$13 (burger-combo)
The skinny: With two locations (1056 Gerrard st E & 9½ Church st <--the latter is fully licensed!), great burger kitchen is quite popular for their fresh burgers made from locally sourced beef and poutine. The menu is very straightforward and there are daily specials (burger & poutine) as well. :D


Chocolate Cupcakes w Vanilla Buttercream


I almost forgot that I hadn’t yet posted this mini-adventure. :D It was a friends birthday a couple of weeks ago. His girlfriend, also on the dragonboat team was planning to buy him a cake. Long story short—it’s the day off, meeting, rush, no time, asked to help, baked cupcakes.


Gloucester Bakery


What? Gloucester Bakery for buns!
Where? 131 Ravel Rd. (North York, inside the plaza at the corner of Finch & Leslie)
Price? $3.30 (this is a pretty common deal: 6 buns = no tax)
The skinny: I love buns. Chinese bakeries are my friends and this one is pretty decent although the quality has gone down a bit over the years. I grew up going to this location specifically, for “mini-special” occasions—i.e. when I’d stay at my grandma’s during the summer. She lived within walking distance so we’d trek over there, looking super-cool in our colourful outfits, magenta hats and being shaded by her cat & dog umbrella. No lie, I actually thought we were being really fashionable and à la mode. 



This post is long overdue. This is me documenting the first time I used the awesome gift from a couple of friends--a Silpat cookie sheet.
The sheet itself was a belated Christmas present that I received when we went to Guu Sakabar. (by the way, I finally went to Guu Izakaya yesterday. Let's just say I have nothing but good things to write about my experience ;D)

Apple & Sour Cream Coffee Cake


The time has come to bake a cake. My cakes usually all start the same way. I’ll check the fridge, see if there are any “special” ingredients and I’ll take my cue from them. This time, it was granny smith apples and a tub of sour cream that I bought just for such an occasion. Sweet!

Once again, another MarthaStewart living recipe. Lifesaver 24/7. Don’t have a TV anymore to watch her show but at least I’ve got internet to go on her site! Yesss.




Hot Milk Cake w Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting



I had bought heavy cream about 2 weeks ago and had barely touched it…I kept wanting to “save” it for a special occasion but that never came. Instead, I found myself scrambling to find a recipe that’s quick to make that uses a substantial amount of heavy cream. 

I was thinking pumpkin pie. But I couldn't find pumpkin...(yes I could've gone to the other grocery store about 15 min away but I really didn't have the time. Practice was in a few hours. Slash i got lazy what can I say--eek)

Back on the internet: How about Martha Stewart’s “Hot Milk Cake with Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting”?! Cool. Plus I've got all the ingredients on hand already so BONUS!

P.S. I have some food adventures that I need to post up so no worries, you'll get a break from all my baking soon! Haha


Vanilla Chocolate Cupcakes w Coffee Buttercream


Baked. Frosted. Topped.

Ready for cupcake post #4? I’m sorry! I just love desserts, am exploring the world of cupcakes and with dragonboat season revving up, chances to go out and eat with friends is minimal. :( booo So I make do in the kitchen haha
At our first regatta last Saturday, the team did well, meeting pretty much all our expectations and even bringing home some hardware. YESS!! Perfect excuse to make “congratulatory” cupcakes for our next practice!

I wanted to make an “easy” cupcake but still make it sort of special. Marble? Special frosting? How about half-vanilla half-chocolate?! That sounds ordinary but tweaked enough. :D