Chipotle Mexican Grill


What? Chipotle Mexican Grill for late lunch/burritos!
Where? 323 Yonge st. (just north of Dundas Square, outside Dundas station)
Price? $8.19+tax (burrito/tacos/salad)
The skinny: Simply put, this is another one of those good-intention-locally-supportive-believes-in-food-made-well-using-a-limited-but-focused-menu sort of restaurants. It’s just that here, the focus is on burritos. Mmm.

Such a cute but great slogan!
from their website. :)

I think this photo says it all. Good burrito = happy Jon.

I’ve gone here a few times before so when I met up with one of my super close friends at Union station and there was the customary “uhhhh” moment trying to figure out where to eat, I mentioned Chipotle Mexican Grill. Jon was up for it so off we went!

Conveniently located near Dundas station (aka Eaton Centre to some) across the street was a Marble Slab Creamery. Oh yeah. We made our way there after our filling lunch ;) 


Limited menu, but that’s good because I don’t waste as much time deciding what I want and I’m more trusting that each item is good. :D I usually get chicken so I went to the Steak Burrito this time.        

You get to choose a few things. First, they heat up a wrap for you on the spot. Then it’s loaded with white rice and the meat/veg you chose. Beans: pinto or black? I went with pinto. Spicy or mild? Hah funny question…mild definitely. (so they gave me the tomato salsa). Lastly, you get to chose some additional toppings (for me, I got sour cream, cheese, and lettuce). Jon got sour cream, cheese and guacamole. <-- guac = extra moula but it’s worth it he said. 

It’s all wrapped up and put in a little red basket. Hmm…now how does one begin to eat this almost 2-pounder burrito? Hint: check the back of the napkin! :D Start tearing off a strip of the foil. As you eat, just continue tearing it off to reveal more burrito-goodness. 

Steak burrito. Fresh ingredients do go a long way here. Love the contrast between hot & cold, and the deep taste of the meat with the lightness of the tomato salsa. One thing that was a little off was the steak…kind of on the dry side. 

Chicken burrito. The guacamole was creamy and really helped bring together all the components of the burrito. The chicken has been marinated overnight and is surprisingly flavourful.

Verdict: Great burritos! A little pricier than what you might expect but it doesn’t hurt the wallet to go once in awhile. Your stomach will appreciate it. ;D I think I'm gonna try the "Barbacoa Burrito" next time...the beef's been braised for hours! ooohhhh exciting.

Check ‘em out! Chipotle Mexican Grill

4 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. mhm, def on my list! :D thanks!