great burger kitchen

Ladies and gents, I present to you: the GREAT BURGER! :D:D
What? Great burger kitchen for lunch!  (open 11am – 11pm)
Where? 1056 Gerrard St E (can take 83 Jones bus from Donlands station)
Price? $6.95-$13 (burger-combo)
The skinny: With two locations (1056 Gerrard st E & 9½ Church st <--the latter is fully licensed!), great burger kitchen is quite popular for their fresh burgers made from locally sourced beef and poutine. The menu is very straightforward and there are daily specials (burger & poutine) as well. :D

I’ve heard some good things about this joint but without mentions of any specific burger so I went in just knowing I wanted to eat. Haha 

Outside, they've got a sandwich board with their Burger du Jour and Poutine du Jour. The poutine sounds so good!! But then so does the burger! gaah I'm now excited. very. excited. 

A few weeks ago, I got a groupon: $7 for $14 so I was all set for going anytime. The opportunity however didn’t pop up until this past weekend when le boyfriend and I went to the ROM for their “Water: The Exhibition”. Dropped by here for lunch first. 
View from outside & inside.

Giant whiteboards with their menu.

We were so famished after dragonboat practice so it was no surprise that we (or at least I) got exponentially hungrier after we placed our orders. I saw onion rings on the menu so I had to give them a try :]

Sat down, chatted for a bit and next thing you know, Victor’s GBK Poutine arrived. YAY!!! Yes I stole some. I’m hungry!! Why not? Ugh, it was really good. 
Deceptively filling!

I mean the pork was soft…the goat cheese was creamy, the GBK sauce was savoury and the fries were fresh. A punch of flavour in your mouth is how I’ll sum it up. I do enjoy these “gourmet” poutines but I still prefer the good ol’ cheese curds & gravy. 

My onion rings came soon after. I was pleasantly surprised by how many I got considering my experience at Gourmet Burger Company (same price, fewer onion rings…but don’t judge yet because they were heavenly). The batter was light and crunchy. The onion themselves were sweet but more raw than I’m used to so they still have a bite to them., which I enjoyed too. Overall, scrumptious but a little too greasy. 

BURGER TIME!! By now, Victor had already engulfed about half of his poutine and..not to spoil the ending, but he couldn’t finish the rest of it after his burger. So be warned, if you go the burger/poutine route you’ll be stuffed to the max. And/or you can save the leftover goodness for later, like we did! :D
yumsies!!! Here's a side-by-side shot of the two burgers.

All the burgers sound great but for some reason, “spicy mayo” and “guacamole” popped out so I got the “Voodoo Burger”. I don’t think there was enough guac since the beef overpowered it and the spicy mayo wasn’t spicy enough. :( I liked the coolness of the tomato salsa…had the beef patty been hotter/fresh off the grill (they probably made my burger than Victor’s so it may have just sat there for a bit before I got it), the contrast would’ve been much more enjoyable. 
The edges were a little too charred for my liking. But beautiful grill marks on the top & bottom of the patty. :D

Next time, I’ll be trying a different burger.

My boyfriend got the “Great Burger”. Yes, it definitely was great! The two beef patties (very manly and tank-like of him HAHA) were so juicy, fresh, and HOT. ß one of the most important things in my opinion. I really dislike room temperature beef patties in my burger. That would just ruin it for me :S This burger was huge, and rightly so, and absolutely delicious. I’d probably get full just off that. 
On the right you can just barely see the doube patty.

There was a continuous stream of customers going in and out of the joint. There is space to sit and eat, about 10 seats I’d say. Most people did take-out though. I was surprised that the cashier also brought out the orders to each customer. I know it’s just a small thing but it’s extra…and I definitely appreciated that! 
Very clean. You can see the trays of buns on the left. They're so plump and cute!

Here’s a shot of our adventure at the ROM. :D Yes…he’s a dinosaur guy. Can’t tell if he’s upset, engrossed, or sad? Haha Anyways, I thought the specimen on the right looked very badass so I took a photo of it. :]

Verdict: I’ll be returning to great burger kitchen if I’m in the neighbourhood. Since I’ve gone to this location, I’ll probably check out the one on Church st next. Honest, good burgers for a very affordable price so what’s not to like?!

Check ‘em out! http://greatburger.ca/


4.5 out of 5 NOMs

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