Kingston! Confederation Park


Confederation Park

This is my very first post that doesn’t involve food. Eek, change! Haha Well, as you read in my previous post, my friend and I just finished stuffing ourselves with Greek food so we had to work it off. 

But how?




I kid you not, we went for ice cream. And then had a mini-photoshoot by the fountain at Confederation Park. That all sounds depressing but it was really fun. ;D 
That's me being shy, not sure of what to do.   (Dress: Zara, Sunglasses: Le Chateau)

As you can see, I’m not the greatest at narrowing photos down. But here are some of the “good” ones as well as the silly ones. YAYY!
In Moose's words, "High School Musical!!!" *jump*

Oh yes, and this is where all the shenanigans went down.

She was iffy about getting her feet wet. Diva! haha No worries, she stepped in soon after. :)

Lacoste and then some?  (Dress: Forever 21, Belt: H&M, Sunglasses: Garage)

Turned my cam over to moose. I'm not photogenic :(   P.S. My lens is manual focus hence the blurring....

I just wanted a photo of the water moving...get some movement into a shot. That's all :D