Kingston! Grecos Grill & Wine Bar


What? Grecos for Greek food (lunch)
Where? 167 Princess St (downtown Kingston)
Price? $10-$15
The skinny: I’ve never been to Kingston before my visit a few weeks ago, but it seems that this is “the” place to go to when it comes to Greek food cravings. Owned by Greeks, the menu is almost “homestyle” with traditional Greek fare and a simplicity that you can’t go wrong with. 

Came for lunch (but really it was more like brunch in the vein of combining breakfast and lunch). I came to Kingston during their “convocation period” so every lunch/dinner, we saw families at the various restaurants celebrating their son/daughter’s graduation (from Queen’s University). Pretty cool since the atmosphere was always happy and light. 

The big billboard we had seen was slightly misleading since it’s simply an ad…not the location of the actual restaurant. By the time we walked to Grecos, our stomachs were audibly grumbling.

How the restaurant looks. Their bar is definitely well-stocked!

We quickly placed our orders and waited. Bread came…very little bread might I add. I understand that the ensuing meal may be big and filling, but you don’t just skimp on bread like this. One wedge per person. Even just from a presentation’s standpoint it looks sad. 

Even though we were quite starved, we held off on asking for more bread, opting instead to wait and converse to pass the time. HAHA I kid, we chat because we always have a lot to talk about. Oh food! Fork and knife ready? Go!
Neat etching on the glass by te entrance! (right) Their menu.

I ordered the Pork Souvlaki ($9.95).
The salad was fresh and cool. Not a huge fan of romaine but I couldn’t be picky, what with my hunger and all. The rice had a nice chew to it. I always enjoy eating “non-Chinese” prepared rice just because it’s so flavourful! Don’t get me wrong, I love fried rice, but I’m talking about straight-up steamed white rice. Great, but change and variety are always welcomed. 
The potatoes were mediocre—I felt that they had put too much vinegar in the poaching “broth”. The pork itself…very aromatic. The bbq taste was so prominent. Some of it was kinda dry though. :(

Moose ordered the Chicabab ($10.95)
Chicabab = Chicken Kebab. Skewer of chicken, pepper and onion. Don’t remember if there were mushrooms…probably not. The chicken was moist and tender but was overall inconsistent. She said some pieces were dry and there were too many burnt parts (as you can see in the photo). Unlike me, she enjoyed the potatoes the most out of the three “sides”. 

Happy Birthday Moose!! :D

After lunch, we had to walk it off. Saw these cool bike racks (what are they really called?) that people have knitted covers for. So cute and a nice change to the monotone streets (although the buildings on Princess st seem to have more personality than those on some Downtown Toronto streets). 

Popped into a store and came out with a stick of henna so we decided to do some Mehndi back at Moose’s place. Cool huh? :D

<-- Lucky for me, my friend chose a relatively simple design. The start point was a little random so I later extended it to just behind her ear. 

A close-up on my handiwork haha. First time using henna. How does this relate to food you ask? Piping frosting! :D:D
Here's what mine looked like. It sort of snakes around to the other side of my arm/wrist.

Verdict: Next time I’m back in Kingston and if I crave Greek food, I would come back. Thing is, I am writing this after a very filling dinner at Astoria’s (Greek restaurant on the Danforth) so I’ve satisfied my hankering for souvlaki and gyros for awhile.

Check ‘em out!  Greco's

4 out of 5 NOMs

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