Kingston! Kame Sushi & Izakaya


Simple exterior with the quintessential red lanterns.
What? Kame Sushi for lunch
Where? 156 Division St (in Kingston, Division & Garrett)
Price? $10-$15
The skinny: This is probably as traditional as it gets in Kingston in terms of an Izakaya. Opened just over 2 months ago, Kame Sushi & Izakaya is quickly establishing a solid reputation with their dedication to quality, great food and service. 


Shortly after arriving in Kingston to visit my best friend, Musonda, we headed out for lunch. First meal in Kingston = super stoked! There are a myriad of restaurants and different styles of cuisine to choose from but I’ve been craving Japanese food for awhile now. :) Moose knows the city so I just followed her haha

Fun fact: Kingston has one of the highest restaurants per capita of any city in North America! <-- that’s my kind of city! ;D

She’s been here once and really enjoyed the food. Like any Izakaya, Kame has several seating areas (tables, by the bar, and a second level overlooking…the street.) and some share-able dishes. 
The first floor. Very clean and organized. Great decor!

A standout characteristic however is the drinks (alcoholic) that can accompany the dishes.They had some options (Sapporo, Soju etc) written on the walls (cute! and whimsical) but they weren't present in the menu if I remember correctly...confused me for a little bit.
We sat upstairs. Late lunch (around 2:30pm) which explains the lack of people.

Since Moose insisted I try a bento box, I went with the Bulgogi Bento ($11.95) while she went for their Rainbow Roll ($9.95). 

<-- This is one of my absolute best friends Musonda (or Moose :D). Awesome food buddy and creator of the oddest yet somehow funny jokes. Yeah, she's stoked for lunch, as was I. haha


Salad and miso soup came first. Always enjoy the contrast between cold, crisp salad and hot soup and I got that here so I was happy. 

I was pretty stoked for my food and what came was a circular bento box…that reminded me of a wooden barrel in which you would wash clothes the old-school way. Yeah, I'm odd like that.. As stated in the menu, I also got “sour vegetable, croquette, spring roll, tempura 3pcs, roll 2pcs, glass noodle, seaweed salad.” Got a couple of more little goodies which I’m definitely not complaining about!
Bulgogi Bento ($11.95)

The rice was a perfect texture (chewy but neither too hard nor soft). The beef had great flavour to it but I expected more since it is a “Bulgogi Bento” and not assorted. It wasn’t the main player in the dish. Boo. The other “extras” were delectable. This is my kind of bento box where I truly get a bit of everything! 
(left) A scoop of roe that my friend didn't want.                   (right) Saving my tempura for the second half of my meal. :)

The tempura wasn’t the best but it was still good. It was crispy, light and best of all, non-greasy! Inside, it held goodies (shrimp, squash, and yam) that were discernibly fresh.

Moose’s Rainbow Roll looked fantastic! They did not care to skimp on the roe and that’s a great sign. Too bad she’s not a fan. I guess that means more for me! The light-but-at-the-same-time-bold pink hue of the salmon/tuna was concerning…I tried a piece that had been topped with avocado and tuna. Creamy, pop-in-your-mouth deliciousness!
Rainbow Roll ($9.95)

Although I was starved coming here, I took my sweet time eating. I was so slow that Moose ordered a dish of assorted tempura as she “waited” for me to finish. Sorry! I’m just a super slow eater :( This was the first time I’d seen asparagus used…and it’s the most expensive vegetable out there so kudos to the chef! Great presentation as always. 
Assorted Tempura ($5.95)

After lunch, my friend and I chatted with the owner and his wife. They were warm and welcoming—informing us that they plan to add over 15 new items to the menu over the next few weeks. Impressive and very, very ambitious I must say! But I’m excited for them! 
I saved (in my opinion) the best bites for last. Sweet! :D

Cute artwork! I wonder who painted them? (top right) As you leave, you're "greeted" by a giant "Thank You" Yayy! :D

Verdict: The prices are quite moderate and even competitive considering the number of restaurants / eateries in the city. I would’ve preferred more in terms of quantity (the bento box was deceivingly shallow) but the quality was definitely there. For the food and the great hosts, I’d return for sure.

4 out of 5 NOMs
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  1. Great pictures! What camera and lens do you use?

  2. thanks! i normally use a pentax k-x. As for the lens, I'll use several different ones but for this trip in particular, i think i used a tamron 28mm.