Kingston! Pan Chancho Bakery & Cafe

Beautiful storefront!
What? Pan Chancho Bakery for bread
Where? 44 Princess St. (Kingston, ON)
Price? $2-$12
The skinny: This is the go-to bakery in Kingston. Good variety of breads that are baked daily in addition to other fresh pastries and desserts. They also have a fully licensed café. And guess what? They cater too! 

My friend understands my appreciation for food so she heartily recommended I come here the morning before my departure from Kingston to pick up some bread for my fam. I like the sound of that! A lot. 
Sandwich board that announces the daily specials from the cafe!

There are a lot of different breads to choose from. I got a small “Pain Ordinaire” or regular bread. Only after I paper-bagged it did I realize I could’ve gotten small rolls of each kind of bread they had. Fail. I’ll be sure to do that next time. :) 
Great selection of freshly baked bread

A table displays some freshly baked creations including brioche, scones, loaves and cookies. I was so close to grabbing a croissant or two but seeing as most people went for the breads, I did the same. The croissant were on the pricier end as well ($2.55) and that would’ve been okay if they were the “it” item of the bakery…but they’re not. 

 Here you see the croissants (which don't look all that amazing) and the cookies (love!)

 Here's a shot of the dessert / prepared foods sections. Past both (to the upper right corner) is the cafe. It's nice and quiet there. Great place to have a chat and have a light bite.

Pain Ordinaire ($4.00)
Considering the size, the quality and the versatility of this bread, $4.00 is not bad at all. It was fresh, so the outside was slightly crunchy while the inside was fluffy and soft. Ate it plain and buttered. Used some to make savoury garlic croutons for a salad. I say certainement OUI for pain ordinaire. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ($1.29 each)
There was also the Double Chocolate Chip cookies but they seemed a little dry so I forwent them. The chocolate chip cookie was soft, but a little too sweet. The oatmeal raisin cookie had a dense but still light texture and was very fragrant. Both cookies were good but not extraordinary. 

Would’ve loved to try their cakes but I didn’t have the means of taking it home without ruin it. Plus, I had planned on grabbing cake from Sleepless Goat instead (which unfortunately didn’t happen due to the time constraint). 
They even have canvas bags!

Verdict: I will definitely be returning for bread. Must make sure to come in the morning, latest early afternoon though for optimal freshness. :D

Check ‘em out! Pan Chancho

4 out of 5 NOMs

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  1. i know where i'll be going when i'm kingston! i very like this place!

  2. You must try the Rosemary Olive Bread, it's my favourite. It's great with creamy goat cheese. Don't forget that Pan Chancho has a restaurant in the back - there's usually a lineup but if you can get in it's great. I had the burger once and it was huge and amazing. The owner of Pan Chancho I hear also owns Chez Piggy which is a fine dining restaurant a block or two away. Happy restauranting!

  3. yeah, we passed by Chez Piggy! I'll make sure i try the rosemary olive bread next time. Thanks! As for burgers, i was planning on going to Harper's burger bar. Any comments? :D

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