Kingston! White Mountain Homemade Ice Cream


Killer Brownie

What? White Mountain for dessert (ice cream & frozen yogurt!)
Where? 176 Ontario St (Kingston, ON)
Price? $4-$9
The skinny: Ice cream. But homemade. Waffle cones. Freshly made. The aroma wafting from this shop: supposedly intoxicating & alluring. (didn’t get that when I came since they weren’t making cones at that moment).

Summer to me means cold desserts. Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, slushies, bubble tea…the list goes on and on. I knew I would be having some sort of frozen dessert on my mini-trip to Kingston. The question was where and what exactly? 

On our walk to burn some calories post Greek food adventure, we passed by a gelato place (way too pricey though: $5 for a small) so we popped into White Mountain

I had planned on going to Slickers Ice Cream but I let that go after finding out it’s about an hour’s drive from Kingston…which I had neither time nor car for. :(

Oh well, totally fine by me since I was still about to satisfy my sweet tooth and at a place that’s also well-established. 
Some (photocopies of) old newspaper clippings about the hype that was White Mountain.

Moose got a small Raspberry Frozen Yogurt (in a cone). She said you can really taste the raspberries and the frozen yogurt was creamy and smooth but not too sweet. 

As for me, I was debating between the “Killer Brownie” and “Very Cherry”. When I got to the counter, I asked the guy working there what he recommended between the two. Good thing because he let me sample both! YAY! The “Very Cherry” looked and tasted like vanilla ice cream with cherries folded in (I prefer loads of cherries blended right into the ice cream…). 
(right) There's sseating but really, who would want to sit inside when it's beautiful outdoors?! ;D

I went with a small “Killer Brownie” Ice Cream in a waffle cone (around $5). You can taste the marbled chocolate and vanilla ice cream (homemade of course!) as well as the caramel sauce that’s been blended in. The brownie? Mmmmm. Nice sizable chunks that were nice and dense. The waffle cone was good but not amazing since it wasn’t that in-your-face-kind-of-fresh. Haha 

After ice cream & frozen yogurt we goofed around and had a “mini-photoshoot” of sorts. Hmm that’s the life! :D

Verdict: They have a lot of flavours with variations on chocolate. If that’s what you’re craving, then you’ll be happy with what you get. I went in wanting a refreshing treat and ended up leaving with an indulgence of a dessert. And you know what? I enjoyed it a lot. :)

3 out of 5 NOMs (**factory-made :( )
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  1. What are the names of all the flavours ?

    1. They change so best bet is to pay them a visit! ;) From what I remember, there were a lot of chocolate variations, then some fruit froyos. Hope that helps! ps. you can ask to sample flavours if you're stuck on what to order.