This post is long overdue. This is me documenting the first time I used the awesome gift from a couple of friends--a Silpat cookie sheet.
The sheet itself was a belated Christmas present that I received when we went to Guu Sakabar. (by the way, I finally went to Guu Izakaya yesterday. Let's just say I have nothing but good things to write about my experience ;D)

Honestly, I’ve been wanting one for so long that when I did get one, I didn’t know what to do. Haha I mean of course I’m going to use it—a lot, but what will be the first thing I bake with it?! 
Roughly shaped the cookie dough into rounds ready to be flattened into discs.

I’d been delaying, putting it off…until finally, I just got fed up with myself making such a big deal out of (almost) nothing. haha Cranberry Oatmeal cookies it is!
The decently-clean work station. :D

I tried changing things up by using my gingerman / gingerwoman cookie cutters. It wasn’t very successful since it was way too time-consuming patting the way-too sticky cookie dough into the moulds. I gave up after about a dozen and made conventional round cookies with the rest. 
This is but a third of the cookies I was able to make. Whao, Cranberry/Oatmeal man and woman holding hands?! cute.

All I can say is—Silpat wins. It does a great job. No sticking, no odours, easy to clean! Now I don’t have to use parchment paper anymore! Saving resources. Yesss


  1. Wait till Michael gives you your gift from Australia! ;)