France! Day 14: Pozzetto


Pistachio & Hazelnut Gelato! mmmm..
What? Pozzetto caffè et gelato (for gelato of course!)
Where? 39 rue du roi de Sicile (4e arr., metro Saint-Paul, Paris)
Price? 3,25-7,50€
The skinny: This is legit. Pozzetto is a shop selling “gelato artisanale” and café italiennes, sans compromis. The gelato here is creamy, rich and made with quality ingredients. Dans le cas des cafés, toutes les nuances et méthodes qui font parties de la tradition/façon italienne sont suivi.

(Fun fact: This is my 100th post!! I was hoping to document an über-amazing, guilt-inducing, knee tremblingly great post about a restaurant. However, not wanting to ruin the chronology, I’ve opted with this post. It’s a quick one but what I had here was heavenly ;D)

Following our mucho-delicious meal at Robert & Louise, we hopped over to Pozzetto (just down the street) for gelato. That’s why we didn’t grab dessert back at the restaurant! It was tempting though…very tempting. 


France! Day 14: Robert & Louise


What? Robert & Louise for dinner!
Where? 64, rue Vieille du Temple (3e arr, mo Rambuteau / Saint-Paul / Hôtel de Ville, Paris)
Price? 16€-30€
The skinny:  A “restaurant de feu”, the chefs at Robert & Louise cook over a fire (and the stove). A great spot for wholesome (& absolutely delicious) French food. Featured in an episode of “No Reservations”, this place has since become very popular and it isn’t uncommon to find many other tourists here. Don't be shy though!

This was a must-go restaurant during my weekend in Paris. No if, ands, or buts. I don’t even remember which dishes were recommended to me. Frankly, I didn’t care because I was confident that I’d enjoy anything on the menu. 
NOTE: This post will have some French in it. I’m slowly gonna write more and more in French for the next few ones as well. Time to brush up! Or (get lazy! and) use a translator…haha


France! Day 14: Breizh Café


What? Breizh Café for brunch (galettes & crêpes!)
Where? 109, rue Vieille du Temple (3e arrondissment, Paris)
Price? 5€-15€
The skinny: Hugely popular for their crêpes/galettes, Breizh Café's philosophy is simple: quality ingredients, big variety. There are 3 locations worldwide, this being the only one in Paris. The others are in Cancale (Bretagne) and Tokyo. 

I’ve read about here from several blogs. Every review was positive and although people say that the prices aren’t the best, the quality and taste of food is worth it. Seeing as we’re in the land where crêpes were born, it would be smart to experience them at their best. :D

France! Day 13: Chouchou


What? Chouchou for linner (it was 4pm so lunch+dinner = linner! :D)
Where? 63, rue Rambuteau (4e arrondissement, Paris)
Price? 13,90€ (formule midi & soir)
The skinny: Paris is dotted with cafés, brasseries, and bars. You’ll always find seating inside and outside. If you sit outside, you won’t sit face-to-face with your companion. If there are just two of you, then you’ll sit on the same side facing towards to street, perfect for people-watching (which they do a lot here).


France! Day 12: Bastille Day!


Heads up. This isn’t really a food post. It’s actually completely unrelated to food but I figured someone would appreciate this...hopefully  :D
Pont sur la Loire. Can you see all the people on it?
This is only my second time to la Loire (longest river in France, running from north to south), or rather the section that Tours borders on. Anyways! 


France! Day 11: Château Chenonceau & Cave de Vouvray

A portrait of Louis XIV at Chenonceau

The institute where I’m studying offers day trips to various castles around the area every week. This is the one excursion that I went on. 
Usually, the excursions consist of a pair of castles that will be visited but this one was one castle followed by wine caves. Possibility of a wine tasting? Very likely. :D

<-- Here's a portrait of Louis XIV that he himself gifted to Catherine de Médicis (if I remember correctly) after visiting the castle one summer and enjoying it so much. haha I found that so amusing. "Wow, great place! Here's a beautifully framed portrait of myself for you to hang up and admire." :D I should try that some time just for fun.


France! Day 11: Patisserie Artisanale


What? A food truck on Bd Béranger for lunch (pastries!?)
Where? Bd Béranger (today it was at the Sébastopol intersection)
Price? 0,60€-3€ (crêpe au sucre for 1,50€, triangle chocolat for 0,90€)
The skinny: This cart is present everyday and seems to be owned by a husband and wife couple. Great teamwork from them means efficient, quick, but still friendly service. If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, on the go, and don’t want to pay much, this is where you go!

France! Day 9: Green, White, Yellow


As usual, I’m a little clueless when it comes to dinner ideas. This is largely due to my slim selection of ingredients…I really try to only buy what I absolutely “need”.  Good thing I watched some Iron Chef episodes—because it made me hungry for real food!! :)
 DISCLAIMER: These "France!" dinner posts are purely for jokes. It's sad & funny at the same time how well I could be eating, considering I am in France...but my wallet really limits the possibilities for me haha


France! Day 8: Awesomesauce Lunch Omelette!


Here’s a super quick post about food I actually cooked myself. Finally! Haha :D Everything’s fresh, not frozen or pre-packaged. This was a momentous and rare occasion where I did not use anything from a box or from my mini-freezer. Not gonna lie, I was rather proud of myself, but mostly, I was very excited to eat this meal!

An odd fear of mine are omelettes. Not the taste or eating of the omelette—that, I thoroughly enjoy :D—but the flipping of the omelette once it’s reached the crucial stage where the top side needs to be cooked to finish it all off. 


France! Day 8: Croissant & Pain Chocolat

It’s time for the pastries that I picked up in the morning from Marché Rabelais! I’m still too intimidated by these colourful and fancy pastries to just pick them up…one day. One day I’ll just grab something on impulse. ;)

France! Day 8: Marché Rabelais


Sundays mean Marché Rabelais. Awesome because it’s only a 5-minute walk from where I’m living. With that in mind, I didn’t bring much with me other than the essentials…my camera being one of them.

There seems to be two kinds of way to do your shopping in markets. You can grab a plastic bag and pick your own produce or the vendor will pick it for you. The latter is usually more the vendor's preference. Don't worry though, they know how to pick the better fruits, veggies, and legumes! :D


France! Day 7: Marché des Halles


Fresh is a theme in every dish here in France. And how much fresher can you get than buying from local farmer’s markets?! There’s produce, flower, goods, and general food markets here happening everyday in various locations around the city. 

France! Day 7: Hardouin Boulanger


Croissant from Hardouin Boulanger

What? Hardouin Boulanger for croissants! Mmm pastries :D
Where? Les Halles (also another location at 39 Place Grand Marché, Tours)
Price? 0,99€-7€
The skinny: To be honest, I have no idea which is “the best” bakery for certain types of pastries / baked goods. This place seems to be pretty populous so I decided to try it out. 


France! Day 7: César Sandwich


What? César Sandwich for lunch (kebab!)
Where? 12 Place de Grand Marché
Price? 4-7€
The skinny: Open until late (which is when it’s busiest it seems), this sandwich/gyro/pita shop is fast food that tastes great. It’s cheap and quick too! :D


Staying up late, I was researching places to go eat in Tours. Turns out one street in particular is a little special when it comes to this. In non-related searches, I found 4 restaurants of interest in the same area! Vieux Tours. More specifically, Place du Grand Marché. Time to hit it up!


France! Day 6: Pain chèvre


What? Boulangerie: Patricia et Denis Royer for pastry!
Where? 3 rue August Chevalier (Tours, France)
Price? 0,99-4€
The skinny: Like most boulangeries (bakeries) here, there’s a certain mastery of the most common pastries and breads. This boulangerie specializes in pains chèvre (a pastry laden w goat cheese), baguettes, and pains lardons (bacon bread? haha).

Super short post. I tried using a different route going home today and it turned out to be pretty productive. :D Coming to a roundabout I notice a bakery across the street. 

To enter or not to enter?


France! Day 5: Mushy dinner


My dinner today finally consisted of portions of carbs, protein, and vegetables. 2-day-old baguette, cauliflower, and chorizo! :D

The baguette was rock solid from being left out on the table so I was thinking of making some sort of croutons with them? But wait, I don’t have olive oil, herbs, or garlic. Boo.


France! Day 5: La Grignotine


"Hot at all hours, therefore the best!"
What? La Grignoterie for lunch (combo!)
Where? (Place Jean Jaurés)
Price? 2,70€ - 5€
The skinny: Before ever hearing about this place, I’ve seen it advertised everywhere around Tours in the form of people walking around with their signature black and yellow striped baguette paper bags. I figured, if it appeals to so many people, it must be worth a try! ;D

This is just next door. Oh lord. It smells absolutely amazing! I have a feeling I'll be splurging on some chicken soon....


France! Day 3: “Steak” & Mash


Sorry, the title is slightly deceiving. I mean yes, technically Steak & Mash is what this post is about but the ingredients themselves… shady. Haha You’ll understand, please keep reading on, for entertainment’s sake! ;D

I have a feeling the meals I'll be eating at my place will seriously be deficient in terms of vitamins & all food goodness.



France! Day 2: Baguette w Chorizo & Cucumber


Just felt like posting up my first homemade dinner here in Tours. Mind you, my dinners these days all very simply slapped together, nothing fancy, and very (huge emphasis on VERY) frugal.

There was no doubt in my mind that my first dinner would include baguette. Yep. Since everything was closed yesterday I couldn’t go grocery shopping until today. First time in a French supermarket!! I really shouldn’t have been so excited but I was…

Here are some things that I found were odd, at least to a foreigner like me: 


France! Day 2: Via Roma


What? Via Roma for lunch (pizza!)
Where? 10 Place Michel Debré (37400 Amboise, France)
Price? 4,90€ - 9,90€ (for lunch, ~$6.9 - $13.9)
The skinny: An Italian restaurant, Via Roma had just expanded less than a month ago to accommodate more customers. It serves rather typical Italian fare using fresh ingredients. In summer, most customers opt to sit outside to enjoy the people-watching (there’s a strip of restaurants in this section of the street) and the sights—Via Roma’s located at the base of Château Royal in Amboise. Pretty sweet.

It’s the second day that I’ve been in Tours (France) and although I doubt I’m jet-lagged, (I slept like a baby on the plane…if babies fidget/twitch in their sleep that is haha) I wasn’t exactly prepared for a full day of walking either. 
Anyone recognize this painting? Well this is where we went! ;D


France! Day 1: Continental Pub


La Capricieuse (very thin crust!)
What? Continental Pub for dinner (pizza!)
Where? 12, Place Jean-Jaurès (Tours, France)
Price? 9€-15€ ($12-$21ish)
The skinny: Place Jean-Jaurès is home to many “bar-restaurants” with great open outdoor seating. It’s all very casual and you get to enjoy people-watching and the open air. Typical fare here includes pizza, viandes (meats), moules (mussels), les salades, and pâtes (pasta). Yes, there’s usually crêpes available for dessert. ;)