France! Day 1: Continental Pub


La Capricieuse (very thin crust!)
What? Continental Pub for dinner (pizza!)
Where? 12, Place Jean-Jaurès (Tours, France)
Price? 9€-15€ ($12-$21ish)
The skinny: Place Jean-Jaurès is home to many “bar-restaurants” with great open outdoor seating. It’s all very casual and you get to enjoy people-watching and the open air. Typical fare here includes pizza, viandes (meats), moules (mussels), les salades, and pâtes (pasta). Yes, there’s usually crêpes available for dessert. ;)

I’m posting from a country that should be every foodie’s paradise: France!!

Why am I here? I’m taking French language courses through my university. Pretty awesome opportunity. I’m in a city called Tours which is about an hour and a half away from Paris via the TGV. 
A plane ride, shuttle, train, train shuttle, and taxi ride later, i'm here in Tours!

For my first meal in Tours (France), I had dinner with two other girls I had met only an hour earlier in the same program as me. We past by the Jardin Botanique that was almost on the doorsteps of our residence before wandering off to downtown Tours to search for any open restaurants (mind you, today was a Sunday so almost everything is closed). 
At the botanical gardens: A peacock roaming the grounds. No big.

There were several ones open on Place Jean-Jaurès with nice outdoor seating. We quickly decided on going to Continental Pub (since the prices didn’t seem too steep). Ooh! H&M is just on the other side of the street. How convenient! 
This man looked so French (no offense)--with his many cigarettes, sitting alone, just enjoying life.

The waiters in France are very efficient and within seconds of deciding on eating here, a waiter had already whisked us towards a table and handed us each a menu. The menu is very straightforward with everything laid out nicely. 
Uncomplicated menu with a handful of specials.

Flavoured olive oil for the pizzas.

For the English-speaking tourists, there is an English translation of the each dish’s description. This came in handy when we weren’t sure what “épaule” in the context of food meant. Turns out it means “ham”!

All three of us got pizza. 

The waiter gave us flavoured olive oil. I didn't try it though since there was already a lot of oil on my pizza. Didn't think I needed more...

Magherita – tomate, fromage (9,40)
Reetika said it tasted great. Fresh and flavourful. In France, the pizzas tend to all be thin crusted so don’t expect anything close to Chicago deep dish! But worry not since her favourite part was the crust…that’s got to count for something ;) A whole pizza’s a lot so it was no surprise that Reetika couldn’t finish it. She also got a little bored of the flavour after awhile. 

Trois fromages – tomate, chèvre, mozzarella, emmental (9,40)
If you like cheese, a lot, get this. However, be prepared for it because there is a lot of cheese on this pizza. But how can you go wrong with chèvre (goat cheese)?! It’s Steph’s favourite but it proved to be too much and she couldn’t quite finish it either. 
Seems like olives are so essential in the pizzas here that they don't even care to put it in the description!

La Capricieuse – tomate, fromage, épaule, champignons, chorizo (9,40)
This is what I ordered. Very classic pizza that’s usually topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, artichoke, ham, olives, and olive oil. This version had tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, and chorizo. <-- the chorizo was what caught my eye…and appetite. :D It tasted pretty good! (made better by my hunger apparently). I like the thin crust since the emphasis is then so heavily put on the toppings. However, I would’ve liked it better if the crust announced itself as well rather than simply serving as a vehicle for the rest of the pizza. 

Although I did manage to finish the entire pizza, I was bursting with food by the end. There’s enough pizza for two. By splitting, you’ll have space for a dessert. “Luckily”, the walk back to rez is about 25min so we at least burned some of it off while fighting our intense itis. Great start to my 6-week France/Europe adventure!
There's about 7 or 8 bar-restaurants like this one; all within a 30-sec walk of each other.

More food adventures to come (some posts will be half in French, maybe full…) and hopefully I’ll even post up some of my frugal creations as I attempt to save money while studying here. <-- Watch me fail completely haha But seriously though, I can’t afford to eat out everyday. Plus, I have a small kitchenette (sink, 2 hot plates and a fridge) so I shouldn’t be eating out too much in the first place! ;D
Tips are included? I'm still not too sure...

Oh yeah, one last thing. Here's the view I get from my window! Pretty sweet eh? :D:D

P.S. Be smart and buy a bottle of water in Canada before heading off to Paris! I didn't, arrived at the airport very thirsty and was met with bottles of water selling for 2,90 euros. Not cool. :( 

Verdict: Food is decent, not amazing. The atmosphere makes up for it though. ;)

3.5 out of 5 NOMs