France! Day 12: Bastille Day!


Heads up. This isn’t really a food post. It’s actually completely unrelated to food but I figured someone would appreciate this...hopefully  :D
Pont sur la Loire. Can you see all the people on it?
This is only my second time to la Loire (longest river in France, running from north to south), or rather the section that Tours borders on. Anyways! 

Here's La Guinguette that's by the river. It's a place to drink, dance, (even people-watch haha). The atmosphere's always relaxed and jovial. :D
Today they set up a few couches onstage as extra seating. Cool!

Today is Bastille Day which is the French National Day, or “La Fête Nationale” and it seems like the entire city had emptied onto either sides of la Loire and the bridge too.

Bastille Day is celebrated every July 14th (the day that la Bastille was stormed in 1788) much like our Canada Day on July 1st
Let the slew of fireworks photos begin! :D

Being a foreigner with a limited knowledge of French history, this simply means a day where everyone celebrates into the wee hours after watching some amazing fireworks. 

And yes, they were amazing! Who can say no to 25-minute long fireworks?! 

I kid you not they went on for 20-25 minutes with just two or three several-second pauses.  There were so many different types of fireworks! It went on for so long that my arm was tired from holding the camera up and taking photos & videos haha. Workout of the day: complete. :D

Afterwards, it was off to the bars / clubs for people. As for me, I schlepped home since I still had school the next morning…and I had to pack for my weekend in PARIS with two friends from Toronto! :D
(left) Part of the big finish.  :D