France! Day 13: Chouchou


What? Chouchou for linner (it was 4pm so lunch+dinner = linner! :D)
Where? 63, rue Rambuteau (4e arrondissement, Paris)
Price? 13,90€ (formule midi & soir)
The skinny: Paris is dotted with cafés, brasseries, and bars. You’ll always find seating inside and outside. If you sit outside, you won’t sit face-to-face with your companion. If there are just two of you, then you’ll sit on the same side facing towards to street, perfect for people-watching (which they do a lot here).

When in France, visiting Paris is a must. Two of my friends (whom I regularly go on food adventures with such as Guu, Pangaea, and The Olde Yorke to name a few) were visiting as well and had rented a flat for their 2-week stay. Awesome experience I must say! 
Yeah, I probably should've asked my friend is she could duck her head for a second while I took the photo...oh well.

We tried to plan as much as we could. I was put in charge of restaurants for the 3 days that I would be there. No problem! That’s before I realized just how many restaurants there are in Paris…

I arrived in Paris at around 4pm. I guess my friends were too busy shopping that they forgot about lunch. This wasn’t planned at all so we just popped into a brasserie that looked alright. 
This is the SNCF train station at Tours. Huge open area with the old-school arrival/departure board! :D

Due to the odd hour of the meal, no one else was in the brasserie and they were leisurely prepping for dinner service. Mike & Phoenix chose from the “formule” which is a sort of Prix Fixé that you’ll find in many restaurants here. I wasn’t hungry yet so I didn’t order anything but my friends offered me a nibble or two so I can at least comment on the food. Haha YAY! :D

It’s usually “Entrée + Plat” ou “Plat + Dessert” (app+main or main+dessert). They ordered after much deliberation and broken translation of some unknown terms. Haha 
Some bread to munch on. In French restaurants, they don't typically give you butter with your bread.

Entrées: Terrine du saumon (Salmon terrine)
They both got the same entrées (there were 7 options). I tried a bit of it. Tasted alright. Nicely chilled, good smooth texture. It wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t bad. 

Plat #1: Tartare du bœuf (steak tartare w/ potatoes or fries)
This was a really trippy dish for Mike, mostly because he’d never had tartare before. What it is, is finely chopped meat or fish that been tossed with seasonings/sauces/other ingredients. It came with fries as well; which were a little bland and too soft…

It had great flavour and the beef was chopped to a consistent texture but as he said “This seems like something that would taste a lot better if it went on the grill!” Well, I’m proud of him for trying something new! ;D 
Close-up on the tartare that's been sprinkled with paprika.

Plat #2: Faux Filet avec de la sauce Roquefort (sirloin w/ Roquefort sauce)
Warm, tender and juicy, the sirloin was enjoyable in those respects. The Roquefort sauce was good, but drowned out the flavour of the beef. Without the sauce, the sirloin would’ve still had great texture but would be rather bland. 

Verdict? 13,90€ per person. Not bad I’d say. Although not every dish was a hit the servers were very attentive and understanding of our cluelessness at some of the words on the menu. :D The fries kinda killed it for me…how do you mess up fries?! Even if it’s a “side”, still.

NOTE: Tips are INCLUDED in the price. Of course you can give an additional tip if you feel the service or the food was over-the-top. 

3 out of 5 NOMs

P.S. Here's my dinner that I had a few hours later. Rotisserie chicken. Scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. Pan-fried endives on the side. mmmm...my friend whipped it up when we got back to their apartment. :D