France! Day 14: Breizh Café


What? Breizh Café for brunch (galettes & crêpes!)
Where? 109, rue Vieille du Temple (3e arrondissment, Paris)
Price? 5€-15€
The skinny: Hugely popular for their crêpes/galettes, Breizh Café's philosophy is simple: quality ingredients, big variety. There are 3 locations worldwide, this being the only one in Paris. The others are in Cancale (Bretagne) and Tokyo. 

I’ve read about here from several blogs. Every review was positive and although people say that the prices aren’t the best, the quality and taste of food is worth it. Seeing as we’re in the land where crêpes were born, it would be smart to experience them at their best. :D

My friends and I decided to come here for brunch. Turns out they only open at noon. No problem…the only thing was that this weekend turned out to be rainy, windy and just plain cold (in terms of normal summer weather) so it was a little unpleasant waiting outside.  

Finally at 12, we went in. The restaurant is very welcoming, with wood being the dominant building material. The entire space looked so neat and space efficient, it reminds me of a Japanese puzzle box…

Anyways. We were seated at a high table in a corner near a fridge where sat some enticing looking sticks of butter. :D mmmm…

I regret not ordering the lait ribot (Breton buttermilk) since it would’ve paired perfectly with my galette! I think traditionally though, people have apple cider. 

“oeuf & jambon galette” (5,80€)
I got this one, under the “Classiques” section. “Galette” can be translated as a sort of “meal crêpe”. In mine were an egg done sunnyside up and ham. I loved it! There was the distinct taste of the buckwheat flour that I’d never experienced before. The crunch and the gooey softness all at once?! Amazing. 

“complète artichaut” (7,80€)
In the description, it says “oeuf miroir, jambon, fromage, fond d’artichaut de Bretagne.” To translate: egg sunnyside up, ham, cheese, artichoke stem. It looked so good! Cheese makes everything better. :D I had a nibble and all I can say is YES. Yes to artichoke and cheese. 

“spécialités: nordique” (10,50€)
Now in here, you’ve got artisan smoked Norwegian salmon, crème fraîche, and chive (“ciboulette” in French). The smoked salmon tasted so delicate but the flavour of it was nice and prominent. I know this would deviate from the classic pairings present in this galette, but I wonder if adding cheese to this would make it better? Hmmmm haha

I’m sorry this post is going on for so long. I’ll be more concise from here on I promise!

Okay, so after a little break where we just chatted, then decided to order crêpes to satisfy our sweet tooth. :D

We got two ice cream crêpes:

Brestoise (6,50€)
This crêpe’s been topped with red rhubarb jam, strawberry jam, and finally vanilla ice cream. The real fruit taste, the vanilla bean, they both hit you hard. In such a delicious way though. It kinda screams “I’m real! Now devour me before I melt/get cold!” 

Malouine (6,80€)
Now this crêpe was topped with poached pear, chocolate sauce, caramelized almonds and vanilla ice cream. This was really good as well. The chocolate sauce was a little lost on me though. It was good quality chocolate, but I don’t like it in its liquid form. I like biting into my chocolate haha The caramelized almonds were genius! Little crispy chips of almond goodness. Pop! :D

My friend bought some jam and caramels too. I'm sure they'll make great little gifts! :D
Post-destruction of our food, we promptly asked for the bill (there were people waiting). We got caramel candies!

After all this filling food, we walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral. 
L'Île de la Cité, where Notre Dame is located

People feeding the birds. They held pieces of bread between their fingers. Risky! haha

This guy's some sort of bird whisperer! He got so many birds to flock to him!!

The line to go inside the cathedral snaked around the square. It was intimidating but the wait wasn't longer than 15-20 minutes. 

We enjoyed the beautiful architecture inside and were lucky enough to experience the amazing acoustics as well! The choir was rehearsing while we were inside. It was pretty magical and very serene.
I feel odd posting up photos of the interior so these will be the only two shots...

Verdict? Needless to say, this was a very successful food adventure. I look forward to returning here after the end of my program in Tours. Sweeet! And this time, I WILL order a steaming bowl of lait ribot.  ;D

Hours: Weds-Sun 12am-11pm

5 out of 5 NOMs


  1. awesome post! -- and no it wasn't too long given the awesome pictures of the food! and the birds -- that was neat! I kept scrolling down hoping to see more!!! I am looking forward to seeing what you get on your next visit!

  2. haha thanks darian, you're always so supportive :D robert & louise is next!