France! Day 14: Pozzetto


Pistachio & Hazelnut Gelato! mmmm..
What? Pozzetto caffè et gelato (for gelato of course!)
Where? 39 rue du roi de Sicile (4e arr., metro Saint-Paul, Paris)
Price? 3,25-7,50€
The skinny: This is legit. Pozzetto is a shop selling “gelato artisanale” and café italiennes, sans compromis. The gelato here is creamy, rich and made with quality ingredients. Dans le cas des cafés, toutes les nuances et méthodes qui font parties de la tradition/façon italienne sont suivi.

(Fun fact: This is my 100th post!! I was hoping to document an über-amazing, guilt-inducing, knee tremblingly great post about a restaurant. However, not wanting to ruin the chronology, I’ve opted with this post. It’s a quick one but what I had here was heavenly ;D)

Following our mucho-delicious meal at Robert & Louise, we hopped over to Pozzetto (just down the street) for gelato. That’s why we didn’t grab dessert back at the restaurant! It was tempting though…very tempting. 

As we ducked under an entranceway to fiddle with our umbrellas, we saw a cat sitting out in the rain. Awww. It came slowly to us, before plonking down close to my feet to get cosy. He was so cute I wanted to pick him up and never put him down! :D

According to Mr. David Leibovitz, I should try the pistachio and hazelnut flavours. Perfect because I love pistachio! As it was raining outside, and rather heavily as well, we decided to eat inside. Unbeknownst to us, if we order gelato inside, it comes only in a dessert cup. You can put as many flavours in as you want and it costs 7,50€. 

Still feeling super-weighed down from dinner, I figured sharing one should be sufficient. My friends convinced me otherwise and boy am I so glad they did. We ordered two of these cups. One had pistachio & hazelnut gelato. Dans l'autre timbale était le sorbet aux saveurs melon & citron.
very fun decor! :D

Chaque saveur était extraordinaire. On peut goûter les noix clairement. It was so in your face, bold, and silky smooth. The sorbets were just a burst of icy freshness. Pozzetto only serves 12 flavours (cela inclus les gelatos et les sorbets ensemble) afin d'assurer la fraîcheur des ingrédients dedans. Géniale. :D 
On the left is the lemon sorbet and on the right is the melon (canteloupe) sorbet.

You go to gelato/ice cream shops with all these wacky flavours and you stand there for 5 minutes, just taking in the 30 flavours presented to you. 

12 flavours isn’t a whole rainbow spectrum of flavours but it’s certainly enough considering each is crafted to its max potential. Or at least what seems to be the apex of capturing its taste. 
Sorry I couldn't get a good storefront photo. It was raining a lot so I quickly snapped these before my camera got wet.

Verdict? C’était merveilleux! Un petit peu plus cher que les autres glaciers comme la fameuse Berthillon and Amorino. But it was worth every penny and centime. No doubt in my mind that I’ll be coming back.
Check ‘em out! Pozzetto

5 out of 5 NOMs


  1. As a loyal fan of Gelato, this post is making me drool. I think I need to go to Europe now.

  2. id encourage such a trip! haha You only live once ;D

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