France! Day 14: Robert & Louise


What? Robert & Louise for dinner!
Where? 64, rue Vieille du Temple (3e arr, mo Rambuteau / Saint-Paul / Hôtel de Ville, Paris)
Price? 16€-30€
The skinny:  A “restaurant de feu”, the chefs at Robert & Louise cook over a fire (and the stove). A great spot for wholesome (& absolutely delicious) French food. Featured in an episode of “No Reservations”, this place has since become very popular and it isn’t uncommon to find many other tourists here. Don't be shy though!

This was a must-go restaurant during my weekend in Paris. No if, ands, or buts. I don’t even remember which dishes were recommended to me. Frankly, I didn’t care because I was confident that I’d enjoy anything on the menu. 
NOTE: This post will have some French in it. I’m slowly gonna write more and more in French for the next few ones as well. Time to brush up! Or (get lazy! and) use a translator…haha

Today was “The Food Day”. We had brunch at Breizh Café, then dinner here, followed by gelato & sorbet at Pozzetto just down the street. Of course to “endure” such gluttony, you must walk it off afin d’avoir assez d’espace pour le prochain repas. 
Some cool graffiti. On our way to Centre Georges Pompidou. Can you spot it!

Alors après que nous étions allé à Notre Dame, nous avons promené jusqu’au Centre Georges Pompidou. Nous n’avons pas fait grandes choses là…ne sommes même pas entré dans les expositions. 

Toute la journée il pleuvait un ptit peu ci, pu ptit peu là. Kinda depressing I must say…oh dinner time you say?! I can’t say I wouldn’t mind being indoors by a fire right now. :D
Very cool postcards at Beaubourg. Petit Nicolas: "Je suis le champion de tous les champions". Gaah so cute! :D

We got a little lost trying to find our way here but it turns out that was for the best since the restaurant opens at 7 for dinner service and we were still early by the time we found 64, rue Vieille du Temple.  
A very discrete sign distinguishing this as Robert & Louise.

As soon as we entered, we were warmly greeted then asked if we had reservations. It’s preferable because that way, restaurants know who and how many to expect. Nevertheless we were the second group there and were seating at the end of one of the communal tables. Right by the kitchen/fire! Où toute l’action se passe! :D

The menu is very straightforward. After some deliberation we ordered two entrées to share and our own plats. 

One of the servers came with a basket of bread. mmmm. There is a pot of Dijon just begging to be tried. Elle était trop piquante pour mon goût! :( I can’t handle spicy so it was lost on me. 

Escargots les 6 (8,00€)
(6 snails). These came very quickly, within 10/15min of ordering. They were prepared 2 ways so each of us got to taste both. The escargot meat was tender and chewy but in a good way. The first was almost smokey whereas the second one (definitely a sort of herb butter) was a pop of flavour in your mouth! It was so yummy. :D

Terrine de foie gras de canard (100g) avec un verre de vin blanc doux (16,00€)
(Foie gras w a glass of white sweet wine). YES. Yes times a million. The foie gras was so smooth and buttery. It created a bubble of flavour in my mouth, soft but powerful? 
The foie gras was served with two types of toasted bread. A spiced bread and a regular bread.

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this entry was. If I was forced to leave without having had my “plat”, I’d be perfectly fine with that. It was that good. The sweet white wine reminded me of the Gerwurztraminer that Darian and I had at Hoof Café (which is sadly closed at the moment. It’s being converted to a more chi-chi sister of The Black Hoof). Paired with the foie gras, it was perfect. I am not exaggerating. Cet plat est un bon plan. (I doubt I used that expression correctly haha). 

Confit de Canard (16,00€)
(Duck leg confit). The mains/”plats” are served with (2 of these) sautéed potatoes or a salad or the vegetable of the day. As you can see, the skin is crispy and you can tell the meat will fall off the bone. Confit = foods (usually meat) that’s been preserved via salting and cooked slowly in their own fat. So sinful but delicious! This was Mike’s dish. I tried a bit—moist, tender, delicate. Win. 

Côtes d’agneau (18,00€)
(Lamb chops) This is what Phoenix and I ordered. Cooked over the fire, this was impeccably juicy. Cooked to medium-rare, there was no “gamey” flavour that you sometimes get with lamb. Because the grill top is more like a sheet, the juices don’t drip. Instead, the lamb chops are cooked in their own juices and that really locked in the flavour. 

Yes, I took me sweet time nibbling on my lamb chops (we each got three). They were just so good that I didn’t want the experience to end. Ever. 

The sides of the day were roasted potatoes and fresh salad. The salad had a Dijon dressing. I didn’t even need to add any fleur de sel. The roasted potatoes. Tellement bonnes aussi! Elles étaient cuits parfaitement, not too mushy, not too hard. 

I don’t think I need to say this, but this meal was hands-down the best meal I’ve had so far in France. I guess there isn’t much competition considering I hardly eat out but even if I ate out every night, I doubt I would’ve found a restaurant that beat this one. 

It’s so rustic yet homey inside! How can you say no to that?! Robert (of Robert & Louise) was there that night, chatting with the bartender and the customers. 

There’s also seating and another, much bigger bar in the basement. The one upstairs is tucked into the corner right by the entrance. 

Verdict? Great atmosphere. Every dish was a hit! That doesn’t happen too often so that should be an encouraging thought haha. Avant qu'ils partent en vacances pour le mois d'aout, je reviendrai, cet fois-ci avec mes parents. :) Luckily, I’ll be in Paris on the 29th. Expect to see me and my parents inside…with me with a giant smile on my face. :D

5 out of 5 NOMs


  1. The lamb chops look très délicieux! xD It makes me hungry... too bad I'm on a diet.

  2. Now I know there are obviously differences in flavour when pan frying vs. grilling meat. But even within the realm of grilling there differences with using propane vs. charcoal. So in this case as they're using a wood fire, does it impart any difference in the flavour of the meat you'd say? I know it's not directly over the fire per se, but there is smoke from the fire afterall.

    I am glad you shared such a great dining experience with us! great choices with the foie gras + WINE!, escargot looked scrumptious, lamb and duck *drool*

  3. e1ee1e: diet shmiet you can cheat once in awhile. just make sure that when you do, it'll be something you enjoy to the max! haha :D

    dar: it was subtle the effect of the smoke/fire. The main thing is that the flavour was so real and in your face. so gooodddd