France! Day 2: Baguette w Chorizo & Cucumber


Just felt like posting up my first homemade dinner here in Tours. Mind you, my dinners these days all very simply slapped together, nothing fancy, and very (huge emphasis on VERY) frugal.

There was no doubt in my mind that my first dinner would include baguette. Yep. Since everything was closed yesterday I couldn’t go grocery shopping until today. First time in a French supermarket!! I really shouldn’t have been so excited but I was…

Here are some things that I found were odd, at least to a foreigner like me: 

- The eggs aren’t refrigerated. They just sat on the racks!
- There’s (fermented) milk that’s also unrefrigerated, selling for less than half the price of regular milk.
- Fresh produce is expensive but bread is CHEAP. (not too surprised though)
- Fromage frais is bought by the tub.
- There’s at least 2 ½ aisles dedicated to wine…that sells for as low as 2,90€!
Imagine these eggs out of the refrigerated aisle, stacked on racks! I found that very peculiar.

So here’s what I bought. Rather basic things. I tried to cover my food groups: dairy, meat, veggies, butter and baguette. ;D I was contemplating buying oil to cook with but I know I won’t be able to use it the entire bottle so I’ve decided to use butter all the time! :D Hopefully, I don’t come back 20lb heavier….

Why did I buy frozen hamburger patties? Well, they’re 51% steak! Haha No, I got them to serve as my source of meat/protein since fresh meats are so pricey. :(

Okay, so first dinner: baguette, butter, cucumber, chorizo!

Sliced some baguette with my only knife…which happens to be a butter knife (aka on the blunt side :( ). Buttered them. 
Butter also comes in "soft" and "spreadable" versions. I got soft. Works great for me! :D

Cucumbers sliced. Chorizo sliced & fried. Warm up the slices on the pan. 

Assemble et voilà! Dinner is served. :D
P.S. I’m rating my dinners here based on perceived resourcefulness (price:yield:taste). 

3 out of 5 NOMs


  1. like!!! -- you are closer to the Pyrenees than the alps: btw mark cavendish (GBR) won the stage today :), and hence Chorizo is very fitting :)

    I nominate you for the next edition of chopped! due to your 'resourcefulness'!!!