France! Day 3: “Steak” & Mash


Sorry, the title is slightly deceiving. I mean yes, technically Steak & Mash is what this post is about but the ingredients themselves… shady. Haha You’ll understand, please keep reading on, for entertainment’s sake! ;D

I have a feeling the meals I'll be eating at my place will seriously be deficient in terms of vitamins & all food goodness.


Firstly, I just wanted to show a little more of the beautiful city that is Tours. Here’s the fountain that city hall looks out onto. On the right is a veranda(?) in Jardin des Prébendes d’Oè, a park/garden that my friend and I chanced upon. 

Also, I thought this is a pretty quirky snack. “Génoise” means sponge cake. I didn’t know that when I bought them so I was expecting the hardness and crunch of a cookie with some sort of “cherry” filling. Nope. I got some sort of sponge cake-like biscuit with a gelatinous cherry filling. Cool. 
They don't taste as "amazing" as they look... :(

Ok. Dinner time. Yep. Mash in a box. Don’t judge me, I can’t afford to buy fresh ingredients for most of my meals!! :(    Well, at least the milk's fresh. :D <-- remember, i could've totally cheaped out and bought the weird fermented non-refrigerated stuff for less than a third of the price. haha

For preparation for one package, the box says boil 400mL milk and 400mL water. Stir in “potato” then BAM! You got yourself instant mash. It’s so bland! Save me! Yes to butter, lots of butter.  I used half a package. Yep, I've got a whole lot more blandness to look forward to. Yayy...

Steak? No. This is a beef patty that’s made up of “51% steak”. Don’t ask what the remaining 49% is because I’m not too sure either. eek. Anyways, in it went into the pan. I feel guilty for saying this, but it smelt really good. Dah.

Well there it is: "dinner"! For the record, if I had salt & pepper, the mash would’ve been pretty good…at least that’s what I tell myself  D: (<-- my "oh no!!" face)

2.5 out of 5 NOMs