France! Day 5: La Grignotine


"Hot at all hours, therefore the best!"
What? La Grignoterie for lunch (combo!)
Where? (Place Jean Jaurés)
Price? 2,70€ - 5€
The skinny: Before ever hearing about this place, I’ve seen it advertised everywhere around Tours in the form of people walking around with their signature black and yellow striped baguette paper bags. I figured, if it appeals to so many people, it must be worth a try! ;D

This is just next door. Oh lord. It smells absolutely amazing! I have a feeling I'll be splurging on some chicken soon....

I haven’t explored the entire city yet but so far, I’ve seen 3 locations of La Grignotine, two right by Place Jean Jaurés and one on Rue Nationale. It’s a fast-food to-go restaurant (“restauration rapide”) that’s got locations in several cities. For lunch, my friends and I walked over to the one across from H&M (YAY!). 

P.S. July is the month of sales in France. Which means shopping galore. Note to self: Be careful! Must shop prudently. :) 

Seeing as there’s a student special—formule étudiante—I went with that. For 3€, you get “un maxi, un biscuit/pain chocolat, et un boisson.” Essentially, a baguette sandwich, cookie and drink. 
Think of "Normal" as 6-inches and "Maxi" as a foot-long. :)

Between “Jambon Beurre” et “Poulet et Mayo”, I chose the latter. The baguette wasn’t the freshest but then again, these sandwiches, being part of the “special” were pre-made and kept chilled until bought so it was expected. The chicken was decently seasoned, I love mayo so nothing negative there at all. Haha. 

Having tucked away about two-thirds of my sandwich, I decided to move onto my pastry that sat on the table…waiting to be eaten! :D The pastry was flakey and light but didn’t have enough buttery-ness to it. The chocolate was alright. Of course the Pain Chocolat (pastry with chocolate piped in) doesn’t compare to those from a chi-chi bakery, but it was a good considering the price. ;)

Sprite…I think the soft drinks here generally taste different. Just an observation. It tasted more tart and artificially lemon-y? Oh well. 

Verdict? It was such a filling lunch! And for only 3€!! I couldn’t even finish my sandwich so this meal  extended itself into a meal + snack. Which is pretty awesome. I’m definitely coming here again when I want to get great value for my buck/euro. :D

Check ‘em out! www.lagrignotine.fr

4.5 out of 5 NOMs