France! Day 5: Mushy dinner


My dinner today finally consisted of portions of carbs, protein, and vegetables. 2-day-old baguette, cauliflower, and chorizo! :D

The baguette was rock solid from being left out on the table so I was thinking of making some sort of croutons with them? But wait, I don’t have olive oil, herbs, or garlic. Boo.

As weird as this seems, I decided to make some sort of pasta but substituted the pasta for the bread, that I tore into cubes. 

What happened in the pot? Bolognese sauce, bread bits, cauliflower and chorizo sausage. 

It was alright. Of course the bread soaked up the sauce and became all mushy…no surprise there. Oh well at least I used up my bread. This way, I can get a fresh baguette tomorrow! :D 

2.5 out of 5 NOMs