France! Day 6: Pain chèvre


What? Boulangerie: Patricia et Denis Royer for pastry!
Where? 3 rue August Chevalier (Tours, France)
Price? 0,99-4€
The skinny: Like most boulangeries (bakeries) here, there’s a certain mastery of the most common pastries and breads. This boulangerie specializes in pains chèvre (a pastry laden w goat cheese), baguettes, and pains lardons (bacon bread? haha).

Super short post. I tried using a different route going home today and it turned out to be pretty productive. :D Coming to a roundabout I notice a bakery across the street. 

To enter or not to enter?

Oh, why am I suddenly peering into a display of beautiful tarts and pastries? Odd. Haha Off to the side, some odd-looking bread sat on a tray.

It looked to lonely that I had to spare it and bring it home with me. :D 

Turns out it was Pain Chèvre (1,50€). Too bad I didn’t get it fresh, because otherwise, the goat cheese would be soft and oozing off the sides... Mmm. 
Saturated with cheese....holy crap imagine this fresh!! GAH.

The taste was great but at room temperature, it lacked the smokey, pungent aromas (& tastes) of the goat cheese. If I had access to an oven, this problem would’ve been solved easily. Oh well. 
(left) Doesn't it just look like a stick of cheese? Pretty much. haha (right) Oh look, bread!

I normally don’t do this, but the hours are so wonky that this will definitely help avoid the disappointment that is a closed bakery.

Open: Tues-Sat 7h-13h / 15h-19h30. Sun 7h30-13h

Verdict? There are so many bakeries here! I’ll return here once I’ve tried more bakeries.

3 out of 5 NOMs