France! Day 7: César Sandwich


What? César Sandwich for lunch (kebab!)
Where? 12 Place de Grand Marché
Price? 4-7€
The skinny: Open until late (which is when it’s busiest it seems), this sandwich/gyro/pita shop is fast food that tastes great. It’s cheap and quick too! :D


Staying up late, I was researching places to go eat in Tours. Turns out one street in particular is a little special when it comes to this. In non-related searches, I found 4 restaurants of interest in the same area! Vieux Tours. More specifically, Place du Grand Marché. Time to hit it up!

I came here after I visited the weekly Saturday farmer’s market at Les Halles. In the middle of the street, there’s a wide and long island that serves as an outdoor eating area for the different restaurants on the street. It was really cool to be able to distinguish the seating for each restaurant according to the décor. 
(left) This is what greets you: an ogre that really resembles the cave troll from The Fellowship of the Ring haha

I decided to try out César Sandwich since I wasn’t too hungry yet. To be honest, I just went inside to check out the menu since it seemed like they sell gyro and I haven’t had one since a few weeks ago at Messini’s. mmmmm Messini’s! 

Lucky for me they have a Formule Étudiante, just like at La Grignotine. For 5€, you get a kebab (nature or fromage, the latter necessitating an extra 1€), small fries, and a drink. Sweet!

Not feeling particularly “cheesy” (<-- not sure how much sense that makes haha), I went for the kebab nature. Of course I took advantage of the outdoor seating! About 10 min later (people ordering take-out will be served quicker) my order came. 
The guy uses a specialized machine to shave off the meat. Makes an odd buzzing sound  :D

Just like at Messini’s, the fries came in the wrap! Fries are good but these were particularly good! I figured it’s because of the überness of the crunch (<-- the entire fry, through and through was crunchy.) and how it was nice and thin. I enjoy thick fries for poutine to absorb all the sauce but these thin ones were amazing to eat by themselves! Haha 

Enough about fries. Oh, they had Cherry Cola. Had to try that! Very different than what I expected. I was looking forward to something like the Black Cherry Cott you find at Schwartz in Montreal…yeah that’s not what I tasted. It was Coke, but with some odd cherry taste. 
BBQ sauce on the side. Turns out they put some into the wrap too. Greek yogurt would've been better. next time!

Now onto the kebab/wrap thing. MMMMM. YES. Or OUI? I guess that's what I should be saying considering my surroundings. C’était très bon! La viande était cuite parfaitement. Elle était enfumée, tendre, et plein de goût! J’ai mal choisi ma sauce (bbq) car son goût n'a pas convenu avec la viande (I know, whodathought!). La prochaine fois, j’essayerai le yogourt grec. :)

Verdict? No doubt I’ll be returning. :D

4 out of 5 NOMs